Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day of Go Cart Racing

My youngest son getting ready to go.

My husband getting ready to race. We took the kids today
and went to the local go cart place and let them race the clock.
it was fun and they had such a good time. I didn't race because
I drive like a girl. But my daughter raced.

The last race she stayed up with my husband.
It was a fun day and I hope that we do it again
soon with all of the other kids. :)


Kessie said...

Oh man, that looks like such fun! Too bad the little kiddos are too small for kart racing. :(

Meg said...

Haha that looks awesome! Derek tried to get us to go once but we didn't (for obvious reasons). I'd much rather go with you guys!

Farm Girl said...

I would like to plan a outing for everyone soon. Dad has decided it is his new sport. The place that you go to inside is pretty nice so you don't have to stay out in the race area. We were there a long time so we wouldn't have to stay that long either.