Friday, April 30, 2010

Fiber Friday

It is Fiber Friday again. I worked on these little
pin keepers or what ever they are called. I really have
enjoyed doing them and getting reacquainted with
counted-cross stitch again. These are patterns
All of her designs make me happy. I like them
because I think I can over come my fear of
counted cross stich and tackle this project.

I bought this leaflet in 1986 I have carried it through
2 major moves and lots of purges. In 1986 I was 28 years
old and had two kids. I have waited all of these years
to finally do this. I still love it. It cracked me up though
because the colors are peach and blue. Remember when
all the colors were peach and blue? I am not doing this
in peach and blue. I like primitive colors now so I will
work with that. I have always like silhouettes. When I was
a kid, my Mom was always in antiques stores and she found
a series of silhouettes painted on glass. I loved them.
I would stare at them and imagine the people who lived
in the picture. But one day I got home from school and
they were gone. She said they fell off the wall and broke.

It made me sad like I lost a friend. I still wonder what
really happened to those pictures. So anyway, I am going
to work on this for fiber Friday.
Have a nice last Friday of April. Come on May, and warm

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today is my thankful Thursday post. I never thought
about what a ungrateful person I am until I starting
writing a post about being thankful. When I sit
here at my keyboard and try to come up with something
to be thankful for, sometimes my list of complaints is
a lot longer than the thankful list.

Today, I am just going to quote a book that has ministered
to me so many times. It spoke to me when I was a young
mother trying to figure out this mothering business and now it speaks
to me as I try to figure out this grand mothering business .

One of my heros has always been Ruth Bell Graham, I have loved
Gigi Graham Tchividjian too. This book is called Mothers Together.

"Satan would like nothing better than to discourage us wives and mothers.
He would like nothing better than to have us so burdened by the everyday
details of life that we forget the blessings. To cause us to feel
insignificant and to make us believe that our efforts are of
little importance in the great scheme of things."
Gigi writes,

" My thoughts drifted back to a time when Stephen and I were
living in the Middle East. We didn't have all the modern conveniences that
I had been accustomed to, so we made do. I did not have a washer
or dryer, so each morning I placed a large pot of water on the stove
to boil. I put the baby's diapers in this pot then rinsed them and
hung them on the line to dry. I washed the sheets,
towels, and clothing in the bathtub and would ask Stephan to help me wring
out the larger items. A visiting friend returned home and told my mother.
I will never forget her next letter She wrote expressing her
concern for me and for the responsibilities I carried, but she added,
"I am so thankful that you have clothes to wash and hands and soap
with which to wash them."

"Thankfulness. This is not only God's perspective, but His will
for us, He says, "Be ye thankful." (Col. 3:15) and "In everything
give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you." (1 Thess 5:18)

When I read that portion I was so shocked that any mother could say that
to her daughter, but as the years have gone by, I have learned the wisdom of
those words. Sometimes it costs me so much to have to tell my children the hard things
but today I read this "Love is not merely a gentle touch or a pat on the head.
It is a refiner's fire. It burns to purify." (The Mark of a Man. p. 143)
Love always costs something. I know how thankful I have been
as I look back at all of the times God has told me "no." I am
thankful today for all of the hard things that have been given as
a gift to purify me I pray today, they will continue to make me better
and not bitter.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walking Around

My daughter needed to go take photographs so she
could submit them for her final grade in her
Photography class. I am always
amazed at what you see from the camera lens.
I took my camera just so I could take pictures while
she took pictures. :)
We have an old park down in the oldest part of our town.
I have always loved this park but then so do the unsavory
people so I quit visiting it. The redevelopment agency came
in and redid the park and I think they did a really good job.
I love the bridge and how they changed an old canal into a
very nice river.
I was so worried about the cork oak trees that grow here.
They have survived and look so pretty.

Last summer when we were here the trees had been
without water but they look okay now. I love the bark.

I just love touching the bark, and it doesn't feel
like regular bark, but feels lighter and like
it would just come off.
One of the things we noticed as we were going around
downtown was in the cement in the gutter of a very
old section of town, (my daughter was taking pictures
of the old Woolworths building.) There were foot prints
of a dog, now how old the dog was when it walked in the
cement who knows but it was a nice thing to notice.
It was a good day, and I love my town.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Chick Update

I thought it was time to have a chick update. They
are not chicks anymore but pullets. This one in
the picture is the Silver Wyndotte. She is by far
the most gentle chicken I have ever known. Standing
next to her is the white Silkie, sex unknown. I stare
and stare, and compare to my Silkie hen but I have
to wait until it either lays a egg or crows.

I decided that I had enough of putting them in my garage
bathroom at night and last night was the first night in
the hen house. My husband and I rigged up a heat lamp
and I left them outside. I don't know how many times
I got up during the night to check on them but I did.
Even with my mantra of " They are just chickens." Every
time I got up they were snuggled together under the lamp,
and I think I disturbed them. I was so aware of skunks,
it was so hard.

I had to boot these guys out of their house so I
could put my chicks/pullets somewhere so they
were moved into the least favorite chicken coop.
They aren't happy about it, but I remain unmoved.
What you are looking at is the dumbest bunch of chickens
ever. The dark brown ones are a Silkie/Mille Fleur cross.
I let my little hens sit because I had never had chicks
before. What a mistake. I didn't fool with them because
of the hens so now they are so wild they are insane. I
keep threatening to catch them and hold them until
they get used to being petted, but that means I would have
to like them and I don't. I think I have spent to much time
out with the chickens today. There are some days,
I feel just like Fern. (Charlotte's Web)
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Odds and Ends

I was thinking when I was getting ready to do this post,
it is funny that I do a gardening blog, when I do not
consider myself to even be a passable gardener. I have
never had a green thumb and while I am nuts about
flowers and growing things and canning and freezing,
and even cooking, I would have never put down on
my life list of things I like to do, would it be gardening.

What I am nuts about has been until this year has been
books. My secret ambition was to open a bookstore or
work in a library. I have books and books and every
closet has boxes and boxes and I have book shelves
in almost every room, and yes, I have read them.
That is another thing I do almost to a fault, I read.
I really know more about books than I have ever known
about gardening. I have first editions that I hold onto
that sometimes I think I have made a idol. So I thought
why not make a Monday post about books that I love.
I have shown you Charles Dickens and Elisabeth Prentiss.

My author I would like you to meet is Bess Streeter Aldrich.
I love all of her books, but my favorite is A Lantern in Her Hand,
and A White Bird Flying, of course, Mother Mason.

This is what the book says about it. " Bess Streeter Aldrich
knew what she was wring about. Her protagonist,
a strong-minded pioneer woman named Abbie Deal,
was modeled on her own mother, who in 1854 had traveled
by covered wagon to the Midwest.
In A Lantern in her Hand, Abbie accompanies her family to the
soon-to-be-state of Nebraska. There, in 1865, she marries and settles into
a sod house of her own. The novel describes Abbie's years of child
raising, of making a frontier home able to withstand every adversity."

As a woman who had families who traveled to Oklahoma, some
on the Trail of Tears, some of them were "sooners. I love this book because Bess Streeter Aldrich writes a story
about all of our families, because in America, we all got here because someone
took a chance and left it all behind for a brighter future.
I do love books and this one is a good one.
Have a lovely Monday.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready to Plant

Finally after months and it seems, the field of dreams
is all clean. Weed free, and now I can start with seeds.
I don't think I have ever worked so hard and so long,
chopping weeds. I thought and thought about a easy
way to get it done, I did resort to having the boys come
out and use a weed eater on part of it. But I think it looks
best with them just hula-hoed out, they don't grow
back as fast.
In April during normal years, we won't get any more rain
but this year we have had more rain in April than we get
from November to February. I still have a few weeks before
it gets critical about having my seeds planted. I was going
to do it today but the irrigation store was out of the a part
that we need to hook up our drip lines. They said,
the part will be in Monday so it will have to be next weekend.
We are supposed to get more rain and more wind and cold this
next week too. This cold front coming in from the Gulf of Alaska.

I need to put my chicks in their house but it still is to cold at night.
I don't think I have ever had to wait like this, because 12 years ago
when we had our last El Nino I lived in town and my kids were smaller
and I just had a house and a lots smaller yard.

I love Sundays, but should stop writing now as my dog is whining,
wanting to go for her run. Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts on Saturday Morning

I love Saturday mornings. The one morning of the
week, that I am not looking at a to do list or writing
notes to myself, or doing laundry. It is the only day
that my husband and I get to hang out and just be

My birthday is coming. I will let you know a secret,
I hate my birthday, I mean really hate it. I don't know
why, but I do, and how can I be this old, I have all of these
grown up people around with children of their own and I
know I was there the day they were born, but really,
I am still 17... I read this and it cheered me up.

" I Shall Not Mind"
I shall not mind
The whiteness of my hair
Or that slow steps falter
on the stair,
Or what strange image
Greets me in the glass---
If I can feel,
As roots feel in the sod,
That I am growing old to bloom
Before the face of God.
---Author Unknown---

I learned in third grade, that I was not pretty like
the other girls. So being who and what I am, I knew
I would have to work on being nice. I would ask
my Dad if I was pretty, he always said. " Pretty is
as pretty does." When you are in third grade and
you want to be pretty like everyone else that is not
much comfort. So I went to work on the nice part.

Now getting older is a challenge because I am afraid
of turning not into my mother but my grandmothers.
I skipped a generation because I think I spent more time
with my grandmothers. My grandmother lived next door
and my great-grandmother lived next to her.
I found this and it pretty well sums up what I am afraid of
turning into.
Prayer for the Middle-aged
By a 17th Century Nun

Lord, Thou knowest better than I know myself
that I am growing old,
Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking
I must say something on every subject
and on every occasion,

Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs,
Make me thoughtful but not moody, helpful but not bossy,
With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity
not to use it all, Thou knowest, Lord,
that I want a few friends at the end.

Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details;
give me wings to get to the point,
Seal my lips on my aches and pains,
They are increasing, and love of rehearsing them is
becoming sweeter as the years go by,

I dare not ask for grace enough to enjoy the tales of others' pains
but help me to endure them with patience.
I dare not ask for improved memory,
but for growing humility and a lessening cocksureness when
when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others.
Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be mistaken.

Keep me reasonably sweet,
I do not want to be a saint---
some of them are so hard to live with---
but a sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil.
Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places
and talents in unexpected people.
Give me the grace to tell them so,

I loved this poem and as my birthday is looming, I do want to keep
my sense of humor. I hope you have a lovely Saturday too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fiber Friday

I cleaned house all day on Thursday so I could have
a nice day of Fiber Friday without guilt. My flowerbeds
are still under water so I can't work in those and my
garden area would still be mud, so I can sew.

Its just I am having a hard time trying to come up with
something I want to make. It is hard to change gears some
times, I have been in gardening mood for so long. Today
I was thinking about how sometimes it seems
like trials can go on for years and years, and then
one day they are over and to do life seems somehow
hard. I think it must be how a oyster feels with that grain
of sand, it lives with the rubbing and sanding until it makes
a thing of beauty. I think trials are like that, only right now
I feel more like a oyster who's pearl wasn't quite ready to
be with the other pearls.

I read this and I have been thinking about it today. " May
we not let slip any cross Jesus may present to us, any little
way of letting go of ourselves, any smallest task to do with
gladness and humility, any disappointment accepted with grace
and silence. These are His appointments. If we miss them here,
we'll not find them again in this world or in any other.
(Keep a Quiet Heart p.68)
"Rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may
be overjoyed when his glory is revealed." (1 Peter 4:13)

I was thinking of how sometimes at the end of a trial, the tunnel gets the
darkest, when all the lights go out, it is then that it is the hardest to walk
by faith and not by sight. It is in those moments when I finally give up
my will and open my hands and say to Him, not my will but thine, I am
then free to trust God for everything. It is so hard for me to give up that
part of myself to Him. I have so many proofs of His love for me and never
once in 23 years has He ever left me or forsook me yet, I am like Adam and Eve
in the garden, I hide from Him. I have I think been using my work,
to hide. Even though it is Fiber Friday, I think for awhile I am going to sit and
listen "for the way I should go."
Happy Friday!


It is Thankful Thursday. I just had to post a picture
of my Chamomile. I love Chamomile tea and it felt
like such a nice surprise to find it out in my garden
growing all on its own. This means I can have tea
fresh from the garden. I am going to save these seeds
though so I can plant a lot more.

It is Thursday and it has been stormy all day. I
am thankful it has been stormy this week. I have
sewed and watched the rain, knowing that in California
rain will be over until November. Unless of course,
our El Nino is just getting started then we might
have rain until June. We almost never have rain
in April, in fact my kids in years past started swimming
in February. Not this year.

I have had a nice break from chopping weeds. My wrists
are very thankful for the rain. It is snowing in the mountains
now, that is very rare too. So it is very nice to have cold
weather for a bit longer. By Saturday, though it will be back
to sunshine and warm temps. I am hoping to get the garden in
on Saturday. I hope you have wonderful Thursday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love storms! In California. Not other places.
I took this as the storm was blowing in. It was still
with hardly a breeze, but it was rolling toward me.
That is when, I stood there and thought, " Be still,
and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) His
power is so huge and I am so small.

I have some more pictures to share. When we moved
here, this had been land that was a cow pasture. For
years and years. We built a house in the middle of it.
We disturbed lots of bugs. One of the bugs we disturbed,
migrates in April. They are called by some people
sun spiders or wind scorpions, or vingerroons.
They look and act almost prehistoric. I do not
know how they reproduce because it you get two
together they fight until one of them eats the other all up.

If they were giant they would fight me. This one I took pictures
of wanted to fight my camera. In April, at night, walking through
the house, wear shoes. They come out from hiding and want to
attack. Okay, here is my first creepy picture.

The next picture is of it with its mouth open,
it has a double set of jaw. Mean thing wanted to get
my camera.

The next picture is after I put her in
a jar and brought her in the house so my
kids could see her. I have already let her
go because I think she was going to have

All of the sites I have looked up trying to find information,
says that so little is known, there needs to be people who
catch them and observe them. I tried to talk my kids into
doing it for a school science project, but they didn't want
to do it. I have watched them dig burrows, it is fascinating.
They use those top arms to carry rocks and the jaw. They
then use the other legs to dig. They can dig burrows really
fast. I believe they are nocturnal as I only find them in the
house at night or early morning. They get a big as a
scorpion. This one is the largest I have ever caught.
Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had to go to the DMV, or the Department
of Motor Vehicles. I think I would rather be put
on a rack. I had a appointment for 9:40 AM.

Because California is so broke all of our government
offices are closed most Fridays, so I guess it makes
Mondays a bear. I knew it was going to be bad when
I can't find a parking place and the doors are open with
people spilling out onto the sidewalk in a line.

I find the parking place, but climb out very carefully,
because I drive a huge car. The cars on either side
of me are huge too so we took up a lot of room.

I walk inside and there is a cue line just to get a number.
I wait in the line and because I am thinking I will pretend
to be Charles Dickens and I will be conducting character
studies for my next book, I find it to be a grand adventure.
As I stand there I notice that just about everyone is very
patient and very kind. A gal comes in and looks at me and says
is this the line? I smiled sadly at her and say, " No, you have to go
down there and around the corner." She says," But I have a
appointment?" I said," I do too but you still have to get a number."

She says okay and walks down to the end of the line that is out the door.
I stand there and the line is moving pretty fast, as I am standing there
a scruffy looking, long haired, dirty, rude guy, shoves through the line,
in front of the sweet couple asking questions about their car, he interrupts,
The very patient woman behind the counter, stops, listens to his tirade
answers him kindly, as" he yells about being disabled and no he will not
wait in line." She hands him a form and he cusses to himself as he
walks back to who knows where, there wasn't any chair in the place
that wasn't taken. (Think Fagin.)

I get to the counter, tell the lady my business and she gives me a number
and I make my trek to the other side of the building.
I am looking at people who don't want to be there any more than I do so
I just smile and they all smile back. I get to my window,
and they call the number I give her the paper work and
she gives back some more so then I go to the other end
of the building to wait.
As I am standing there, the security guard walks up and
starts telling me about this tiny little lady who is 96 and
she has just flunked her drive test. Soaking wet she might
of weighed 75 pounds. He says, " I couldn't do these people's
job, they have to tell her now she can't drive, all she does is
drive to the store once in a while and to church." She was
really spry and she gets one more try. She was crying and
I wanted to just go give her a hug, but how would that look?
I should of just did it and forget how it would have looked.

I am still standing there when this poor Mom with two babies
in a stroller and two maybe 4 and 6 year old boys is trying to
take her written test. The baby is really sick, the boys are
just being boys but were pretty well behaved for having to wait.
She doesn't pass so they give her another test and she takes the
stroller with the sick baby on her hip back to the testing area
to take another test, I wanted so badly to say, " Here let me
take the kids while you take the test" but she would think
I am some sort of sicko or something. See a pattern here,
I worry to much about what people think.

So as I stand there, another lady walks up and starts talking
to me and asks me how many kids do I have and I tell her and
she laughs and says, " That is really different, you don't see many
white woman with six kids." I just laugh and we just chat
about lines and things like that.
The security guard stops by again to ask me was I almost finished
and I told him I was, and he said, " that it isn't really that busy
most of the time. " I thought, you must be from a different
place because I have never been here when it was any different.

So then I was finished and it was time to go home. I had to become
just me and think about getting my laundry finished and the house
cleaned and taking something out of the freezer for dinner.
I had to teach some school today, even though the boys thought
it should be a holiday.
I was back to being Kim again and not Charles Dickens out for
his nightly stroll meeting the people who show up in his novels.
Life is fun.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning

One of the things that I consider my greatest achievement
has been in having and raising children, now young adults.
I am a person who is over the moon when it comes to how
proud I am of all six of them. They have given me far more
than I have ever given them. Being a mother has
been a job that I didn't really want, but God knew
me better than my self and for that I will be eternally grateful.

All six are so different in their likes and dislikes and completely unique
in their choices. I was one of those Moms who said, " No T.V. No game
platforms and if you want to play go outside and use your imaginations.
That worked until they got to be 12-14 and then the world began coming
to the door. Kids would come over and want to know why we had so
many books. My kids all put their money together and wanted to know
if they could buy a Sega I think it was, so I was beginning to learn that
I was going to have to choose my battles wisely or I would loose my
kids the way I had seen so many other kids go so I gave in. I guess
you could say the rest is history.
This is a video of my oldest son playing one of those songs from those
early games that they played. I always liked that music and
I hope you will too. He is married and has 3 wonderful boys.
I have been so blessed.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simply Sunday

Our strawberries are starting to get ripe. I was thinking about
my favorite way to eat strawberries, I love them in a pie
shell, with cream cheese on the bottom, I like them
on Angel food cake, I like them on waffles,
and in strawberry jam. I think my favorite way though
is just picked and washed off in the hose, and popped
in my mouth. That is my favorite way to eat strawberries,
because then you can taste sunshine.

This morning, I was walking around with my camera,
I love contrasts, they make me think deep thoughts,
like in order to live, you must die like a grain of wheat.
or that if you want to live and I mean really live, you have to
pick up your cross daily.
God came to earth and lived as a baby, at the mercy,
his fallen creation. That one always gets me because He knew
what was in mans heart.

Walking around with a camera makes me think like that.
I find that the smaller my vision the more thankful I become.
"For all things are for your sakes, that grace,
having spread though the many, may cause thanksgiving to
abound to the glory of God."
(2 Corinthians 4:15)

Sometimes, when I am feeling like I want to be in a
different place than the place God wants me to be,
when I start telling God I know best, he reminds me
of things like this ladybug on this leaf. He has a purpose,
and what I do is important just as it is important
for this lady bug to be getting rid of what ever it
is that is to0 small for my camera to see.
I read this and it is another thing that makes me ponder.
"If obedience is what marks a man, it can be nothing
less than obedience that marks a real woman."
(The Mark of a Man, p. 134, Elisabeth Elliot)

I love this verse so much, " For this is the way the holy woman
of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves
beautiful. They were submissive to their own husbands, like Sarah,
who obeyed Abraham and called him her master."
(1 Peter 3:5-6)

I sometimes wish I lived in a age where I could say to my husband,
"yes My lord," and I would not be laughed at, I remember one
time, my husband asked me to fix him something to eat, being who I
am, brought his sandwich to him, but as I handed it to him, I said,
" Here is your sandwich, my lord," The thing is it came out and I meant
it with my whole heart. He looked up at me with his mouth open,
and he said, " What is it you want? I will give you the world." It shocked
me to my socks, and I think it did him too.
There is something that putting myself in a position of a servant that
gives Glory to God, I think that is a very good way to have a Sunday.
Have a lovely day,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today's Project

Today is a beautiful day, the air is sweet and filled with
the smell of orange blossoms. The trees are covered in
new green leaves that are dancing in the breeze. I know
I will forget the beauty of spring when summer comes and
there will be no work outside because it will be 100 degrees
by noon, but today it is so lovely.

I bought way more seeds than any sane person needs. I can't wait
to go out and play in the dirt and I even bought tomato plants.
I wasn't going to but they were just sitting there and I was walking
by and they sort of jumped into my arms. :)

I am going to digress for a bit and tell you what I saw the other night.
I was looking out the window, and I saw this little black kitty sitting
under the lemon tree. The kitty was intent on what ever it was watching
and I wanted to go see what it was.
I walked out as the kitty faded into a shadow and disappeared into the
tall grass next door. The sun was gone and it was that mystery time
of twilight, that if you could stand very still and quietly, you might
see a tiny fairy, in the blossoms of the lemon tree gathering nectar
for her evening tea. The moon was a new moon and had a smile
on its face and Venus was just rising. The air was still and
twilight on this night was very blue. As I stood at the lemon
tree, I could hear katydids in the grass, and the lemon tree
was full of moths. There were lots of dusty millers, but there
were also the great big plumy night ones. That really do
look like fairy's. It is still so early in April I did not
know they would be hatched yet. I love the night
moths. I think they are prettier than butterflies.
I think it is wrong that moths only got a boring name when
they are so much prettier but you only see them at night.

I wanted to take a picture but my camera shutter wasn't fast
enough. I do love spring.

Have a wonderful day today,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Field of Dreams Friday

I know today is usually Fiber Friday but it is spring!
I can't stand to be in the house right now. The air
is perfect, the dirt is perfect and I have so many dreams
for my garden.
I think I am going to put in a clock garden, and plant flowers
around it so there is always something blooming at different
times of the day.
I am also going to put in the four corners flowers that will be
all blue, all purple and a corner of yellow and red. I am writing
my list and today I am going to go stand and stare at seed packets.

I need to think about the vegetable part but really all I want is
cantaloupe and pumpkins and corn. I am going to be very selective
this year about what sort of crops I let be my friend. The green
beans almost killed me. Not to mention last year's scourge of the
zucchini. People started running when I walked up with a bag.
:) Only kidding.

So I am off to play in the dirt and dream big dreams, the only bad
part about my dreams, is my poor husband has to do the hard work.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Ramblings

I found a sunflower this morning on my walk. I
haven't planted mine yet, this is just a volunteer
from last year, I thought it was so pretty. The other
ones that were out there got pretty beat up from
Mondays hail.

I finally got a picture of my daughter-in-love spinning.
I almost missed this one too, if my daughter had not
reminded me to get a picture. She starts spinning and
I just sit and stare, there is something about the wool
roving, being changed into yarn that just amazes me.
It just is so pretty as the spindle starts filling up. I don't
know if you can see the knitting on the table beside her
but she dyed that and I just love the color. She never
gets to spin as long as I would love to sit and watch her.

This in my granddaughter, she had crawled out to
the side walk, the dog is Sasha, but on baby day
we call her Nana. She stays where ever the kids are and
watches like a hawk. She will get almost hysterical if she
is in the house and they are outside. Herding being her
instinct she loves herding everything. My chickens, but
her favorite is kids.
She is passed out under my desk right now because baby
day is such a busy day for her.

I read this today, and I think it fits. It has always been my goal
and even more so as I try to be a good grandmother.
"The primary and shining grand purpose of our lives is that Christ
might be magnified in us, that we might be the bearers of the life
of Christ to the rest of the world." (Elisabeth Elliot.)
My world at this point is to my family, my grandchildren and whomever
God sends to me. As I was walking and praying today the words of Brother
Lawrence came to me, "The time of labor does not with me differ
from the time of prayer; and, in the noise and confusion of the kitchen
where I am at work, While several persons are at the same time
calling for different things, I possess God in as great tranquility
as if I were upon my knees at the Blessed Sacrament."
(Brother Lawrence wrote in 1691)

So I guess if I could say what I am thankful for today, it would be
that the Lord has given me the gift of service. Guess what I got to
do today? My granddaughter walked two steps to me, with her
little arms outstretched into my arms. Isn't that wonderful,
I really believe, it really is a Wonderful Life.
Have a lovely, Thursday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

The PG&E company was doing training
down at the end of the street from my house.
They would pick men up from the ground and
swing them around on a long cable and carry them
back to this power pole and then grab
the other guys on the other side and do it again.
I stood and watched and I was so glad I didn't know
any one who had to do that or that I was any closer.
Just looking at this picture makes my stomach get
butterflies. I would stand and pray for the helicopter
pilot and the men that were practicing.
They did it for two days about 6 hours a day.

I would find I would just stand and watch. The thing
that would get me would be when they would pick the men
up from the ground and start flying away, I can't imagine
a roller-coaster being a bigger ride that that.
I wondered if when the men got home if they were exhausted,
each night.

I also thought about that helicopter pilot a lot, he as well as
the men he was working with had to be so careful because it
is a area where a bunch of power lines converge. He was a
incredible pilot.

I am finally almost weed free now. I chopped the last bit
today. Now, I can put the garden in, this morning when I
went outside the calves next door were by the fence and they
had frost on their backs, I am glad I have not got my
tomatoes in yet. Soon though very soon. I won't be able
to stay away from the seed packets, then I can start
dreaming in my field of dreams again, since this is
the title of this blog.
Have a Great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blogging Dangers

This is a picture of my front porch. In the dark.
It wasn't supposed to be a picture of my porch.
It was supposed to be a picture of a skunk in
my front yard on the other side of the porch.

So let me back up just a bit. I was sitting in my
I guess you can call it my office/ sewing room/
grandson toy room, whatever you want. It is
a nice room with a very nice place to watch the sun
come up.
I was sitting with my cup of coffee in my chair when
out of the corner of my eye, I saw a movement. I thought
it must be a cat, but then I caught a blur of white and there
in front of the porch, was the prettiest skunk, it was sort
of doing this rocking horse motion out on the lawn.

Now, one of the things I have noticed about blogging,
is, everything and anything can be a post. I carry a
camera around with me and I take pictures of the
oddest things.

I grabbed my camera and yelled at my husband,
(who is getting ready for work.) "There is a skunk
in the front yard and I am going to go get a picture!"

I sneak very quietly out the front door, I put
my camera on no flash and sneak around the porch outside
into the grass, I have a great shot, with the skunk looking,
right at the camera. Then I push the button, and the flash
goes off, I jump back on the porch and run into the house,
very fast. I really don't want to celebrate our 30th anniversary
smelling like skunk. That really would be "for worse."

Then I came in and tried to see what kind of picture I got
and it is a nice picture of the porch. I will try to sneak up on
it sometime, this is where a telephoto comes in handy.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Thirtieth Anniversary

Today marks our 30 years together as
man and wife. I for one can't believe that
it has gone by in such a blur, because really,
I feel most of the time like this girl, who
just got married. The only regret I have,
is being such a know it all, said to the,
pastor, " I will not say obey, in the vow."
30 years later, I want to go back and say,
I will obey with my whole heart. Today,
I know that my husband's wisdom is better
than mine, I know he has a clearer head, and he
never lets his emotions govern his decisions.
He is always kind. I am on the other hand
none of the above. He is my rock and without
him I shudder to think how my life would have turned

He wrote a song for our wedding and a couple of
the verses went, " If I fall for a thousand years
I won't know to tell."
From our marriage the fruit we have is our six
children, two with wonderful spouses and 5 lovely
grandchildren. So far.

I am so thankful that on this day, 30 years ago,
my husband picked me. I have been so blessed.
Happy Monday!!