Sunday, August 19, 2018

Getting Caught Up

Happy August!
I am glad that August is on the downward slope now. I was thinking how in August, I feel like I just hang on by my fingernails. If I had the nerve to show you my poor pathetic hens, you would see really how I feel in August. They are starting to molt so they have feathers sticking out every which way and some of them are just sad because of the pinfeathers and they look more like Miss Tiggly-Winkle than self respecting hens. I may look normal on the outside in August, but on the inside, my feathers are going every which way too.

In August the birds have become so comfortable with me being outside all of the time that they stay above my head watching and following me around. Have you ever noticed that this time of year the Momma birds are chasing now grown nestlings away? I think the most brutal are the Mockingbird Mom's and Dad's. The sound of wings hitting wings sometimes is so loud that if my office door is opened it sounds like slaps. Especially, when young upstart sits on the fence and does that "Feed Me! Feed Me!" Cry from the top of the fence.

 With my favorite little soap maker out traveling around the country, we ran out of deodorant.
She also made that for us. I knew that I needed to start getting back to the routine of soap and deodorant. I got online and ordered the things I would need.

I was so glad I did it because it reminds me how much I like making things like soap, and candles.

I melted all of the oils. Which was very easy, compared to using lye when I make soap. Which is next on my to do list. One thing that is so easy now compared to the old days. I can just get online and the supplies come to my door. When I used to make soap pre internet it meant going to all kinds of places like hardware stores to buy lye.

I also bought deodorant tubes. That was fun to have something that looks like the real thing.

Then we filled them. So our deodorant is completely natural, with no color or scent added.
I had to order tubes and the smallest size them come in is 25 to a package, so I will be making more, but I think with 12 it will be awhile.
I bought this lovely magazine. I can't wait to try some recipes out of here.  That is about all the news from here. Ron was out of town all last week. I always think I will get so much accomplished but I never do, I just wander around like a zombie. Now that he is back home, I feel like I wake up and my life resumes normal. He is at his new work place now. My goodness, its quite a place. I think I will write out that journey on my other blog. My other blog I am going to write more about what God does in my life, more personal. If you would like to read that one the Link is here.

Thank you for stopping by today, I will really get my blogging mojo back.


Speak, Lord, in the stillness,
While I wait on Thee;
Hushed my heart to listen
In expectancy.
---E. May Grimes