Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Now November

 I was thinking early this morning if I don't get a post written, I will miss all of November. I don't know where this will all lead but here it goes. 

Whew what a month! We continue to have good weeks with Haylen and weeks that are a bit more challenging. Its so much harder on Makenzie and William. Being a parent is always the hardest. I just stand back and pray and pray some more. 

He did get to nurse the other day and did really well. That is so wonderful I think. He is now 10 weeks old and 34 weeks of gestation. Every week continues to be a milestone. 

Elliot and Karren are getting married on Sunday morning. A very quiet ceremony do to that which must not be named. If you were keeping tabs, this is how my life looks so far. Sold and bought a new house, moved to a new area. Ron works from home full time. We had three new grandbabies born, two girls and one boy. Ben and Megan had a terrible car wreck but walked away from it. Our grandson was born at 24 weeks and his Momma almost died after loosing almost all of her blood. Elliot and Karren are getting married on Sunday. Oh I need to add to that list the election. So gee whiz. I am afraid really of turning into Eeyore. 

So as it goes, my favorite line from Charles Dickens is this: It has been the best of times and it has been the worst of times. But all in all I still am so thankful for the givens and try not to reflect on the not givens. I get a new daughter in law, we have a lovely house and a lovely neighborhood. Ron gets to work from home which is very nice. We have wonderful new babies and all of the Momma's are doing great. I have hooked my giant rug, I finished a Halloween rug. Its been about 3 years since I finished a rug so that was wonderful. 

Here is the giant one by Edith O'Neal. Cape Ann. I am so excited about sitting in the evening in front of the fireplace and doing the background. Its so nice to do big rugs in the winter. Just a few more flowers. 

I have also been working on my sampler by Shakespeare Peddler. She is called Ann Womak-1838.

Its big too. I am going to age it a lot when I get finished but I think I still have three more alphabets to go. I am on my fourth skein of red now.

My favorite picture of the baby. All of that stuff on him and yet he is laughing. He has already such a sweet personality. 

So that is how life goes around here. Next week is Thanksgiving. Our governor has passed all sorts of stuff again. We are going to ignore him and have the kind of Thanksgiving we always had. 
"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke.

Since I am hardly posting, I wish you the best Thanksgiving ever. 
I leave off with one of my favorite sayings. It has comforted me in all sorts of trials. 

" If God is almighty, there can be no evil so great as to be beyond his power to transform.
That transforming power brings light out of darkness, joy our of sorrow, gain out of loss, life out of death." Elisabeth Elliot. 

But just in case, Release the Kraken! Go Sidney!