Saturday, November 26, 2022

On To December

 I do hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We did, but am I ready to get back to normal. I am already tired of leftovers. I didn't do a turkey this year but chicken quarters. I put them in a brine like I normally do my turkey and they were fantastic. I am glad I decided to have chicken because the kids I have who live here ate earlier in the day at the outlaws. Then they came here for dinner, which they really weren't hungry for but had desert. We had a nice evening anyway just visiting and talking. We did a zoom call with the families that live in other places and our grandchildren who were born after everyone moved got to see cousins they haven't met. Its a odd place but I am so thankful that we can see each other and not have to only wait for letters. All in all it was a nice day. 

We have a golf course very close to here. You cannot believe how huge the flock of Canadian Geese are that live there. Sometimes when I am out driving early in the morning they will be flying around the golf course and there are so many it boggles the mind. I would love to go and watch them some day. You know, I really never wanted to live on a gold course, but I would this one because of the crazy amount of wild life that lives there. I would only want to be on a golf course so I could drive a golf cart around. 

 The trees around here are finally changing color. We have had quite a few mornings with freezing temperatures so the trees are really vibrant and red and yellow. I have enjoyed the color very much. 

speaking of color here is the new wool I bought from Heavens to Betsy. 

Its such nice wool. I think the hardest thing of all is to cut this sometimes. I really do love to sit and look at it. But today I will be cutting it because I need to finish up this cute rug by Cammie Bruce.


I am still undecided about the ear. I will keep hooking though and see how I feel about it later. It seems like once I start reverse hooking I end up not stopping until I completely almost start over. I hope to work on this when I get off the computer. 

I also have been making candles and soap. I used to do that years and years ago when I had young kids. Then life gets busy and I stopped. One day I was thinking about those things I used to love to do and I remembered. So I am having to relearn all of this again. Things have changed for the better I think when it comes to making candles and soap. When I made soap a long time ago, I used what ever I could find, old boxes or crates and lined with plastic wrap for soap molds now I have the nicest soap molds to use. I made goat milk and honey soap and then clear soap. Both smell wonderful and are so nice to use.

I love making candles in these tiny ball blue jars. I found some one day I was shopping and I knew what I would do with them. I am so glad that I get to do these things again. It makes my brain feel rested in the same place that dyeing wool makes me feel. Very relaxed and calm. 

So just a little of what I have been doing to keep myself entertained. Three more weeks and I will be on my winter vacation. I have been a leader this year in Bible Study Fellowship. I have also been attending a Bible Study at my church. That has kept me busier than I thought I would be and I have felt like I am working full time. I love it but it does keep me from blogging. 

So as we look from November to December, I wonder at the speed of which 2022 has flown by. 

Thank you for stopping by if you still read this once and a while blog. I really do appreciate it. 


This was my goal I made for 2022. I think I did a pretty good job this year as I set my sights forward and not back. K.