Saturday, January 13, 2024

Introducing Polly

  I started my January off by getting a puppy. It has taken me a week to get to the computer. She just doesn't like my office. I have her in here right now. So this has to be a fast post.

As I was looking through my pictures, this morning. This is the dog I wanted. Every time I saw a black and white puppy, on Instagram or on Facebook that was what kind of dog I took pictures of, how weird is that? Its just taken two years to find one. After Sasha left my life, I really couldn't even begin to want a dog. Then slowly I just started realizing I can't live without a dog. My whole life I have had a dog. There was a hole in me a mile wide. 

She was born in October. The lady who had the puppies, put them on FaceBook and I followed along. That was it. I kept looking for a dog in the SPCA and places like that, but all that seems to be out there are German Shepherds and Pit Bulls. I didn't want a big dog. Then I got sick and November came. She was still posting pictures. I told myself maybe if that dog is there after Christmas I will go look. Christmas came and went then New Years. I decided she must be sold now, maybe next year. She published pictures last Friday. She was still there. The lady had halved her price because now she was 11 weeks old. Ron called and we drove out to see her on Saturday Morning. 

So I have been in puppy mode for a week. She is learning about us and we are learning about her and since I have never crate trained a dog, that was new. She has done wonderfully. We are working on the house training and leash training. She is doing pretty good. Max seems happier having another animal around. I was really a lazy bum. Getting up and going out in the cold is good for me. Plus just being lots more active. I have not picked up a hook nor even thought of a project because being a puppy, she really doesn't sit still very long. That is why all of the pictures I have are when she briefly sits at my feet. 

Going through my pictures to find Polly puppy pictures. (say that 3 times fast.) I found this one I took last summer of Miss Buggy. Now that they have finally announced it to the public, I am going to be a grand mother again. The new baby will make 14. That was what I kind of alluded to in my last post. I was so excited but I couldn't say anything yet. It will make 6 children for Ben and Megan, and Kessie and her husband have 7 children. Then William has a son. Only one lives in here in town. 

So thank you so much for stopping by, this was a fast post. Hopefully I will be able to get some better photos. 

Its time to take her outside again. 


Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy 2024

 Happy New Year! Since I missed so much of 2023, I decided to start fresh. I hope this finds you on this  first day in January in a wonderful place.

I have sat down to write posts. Lots of posts. Which I then delete. Sometimes they sound to snarky, or to whiny. Today, I will just write. Because I do miss blogging. 

What is my takeaway from 2023? Was it a crazier year that the three years that preceded it? No, I don't think so I think anymore life is just full of surprises at every turn. 

I was thinking what were my favorite things of 2023? Getting a travel trailer was a favorite and using it and staying at our out of town kids houses. Getting to visit with our grand children for longer periods of time. One of my other favorite things was going to Arkansas and staying at the Ron Coleman mine and digging for quartz. Even though, I got dirtier than I have ever been in my life, it was fun and I look forward to doing it again. 

Life threw some curve balls. Lots of curve balls. Things I didn't even begin to understand. But as John Bunyan said, from Pilgrims Progress, " I am on the bottom, and the ground is still firm. 

Today I was looking at my Kindle and I found that in 2023 on the Kindle I had read 131 books. That doesn't count the other stacks of books I read that were real books. I am pretty proud of that. I listened to 20 C.J. Box books. My favorite book character  right now is Joe Pickett. I call them Men romance novels. Big guns, hunting, fishing and lots of action. I wish it didn't have so many curse words in it, but being a girl and all. One of my favorite pictures was this one.


So when this showed up on my Facebook. I just had to snap it. Nate in the book has a 454 Casul. So when C.J. Box got one from Freedom Arms, I was so excited to finally see one. Tell me, isn't that an awesome handgun? It even has his name on it. I sew or hook listening to these books. Go figure. I don't fly fish, I don't hunt, and I don't live in Wyoming. I never even killed a chicken to eat. The last time I fished, I was cleaning the fish and she was full of eggs, and it made me so sick, I never fished again. So no clue why I am such a big fan. Speaking of hooking.

My two latest projects. The winter house is called Christmas Cabin by Therese Shick. Wool'n Gardener.

The one above it is called, Friends, by Crow Creek Farms. I bought both off of Etsy. 

Today, on Lauren's post, she said, a hookers resolution is not to buy wool. I had to laugh because last year, I bought patterns. Lots of patterns. I suppose so I could listen to Joe Pickett. So no new patterns until February.  Speaking of Lauren. She sent me the most wonderful bag. Every time I get my hook out of it I think of her. She sent it about the time I got sick. So I never said, to her Thank you so much for it.

Lauren is so faithful and she continues to always bless my life. Her wonderful blog is, Rugs and Pugs.

Yeah, so I won't go into being sick but I got sick on October 6th and didn't get well until Thanksgiving. So I lost a few months in there. I think now, our entire family was sick from August, until December. 

Well, just a bit of things. I will have further updates hopefully not months apart. Ron is going to school right now. So it feels like we are always doing something now. 

I wish you all a wonderful New Year, 2024. Who knows what the future holds. 


" Lord, give toe me a quiet heart

That does not ask to understand,

But confident steps forward in

The darkness guided by Thy hand."

---Elisabeth Elliot---Keep a Quiet Heart.

" Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

Proverbs 3:5-6