Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hen House Story

This summer had been a summer of fighting broody hens.
Hens that just wanted to give up and die. Hens that molt
two feathers a week so there are feathers all of the time.
I did find out what works for broody hens. I took my two hens
that I just couldn't break and I put them in the coop with the
bantams for 3 days and they never sat again. It must be as long
as a chicken can remember. I would find them standing staring at the
nest boxes but always with a lost expression on their faces.

Now to my story. On Sunday night, I was a bit late getting my eggs.
The sun was still up a bit so it wasn't dark. The sun in fact was shining
straight into my coop where my nest boxes are I had really cleaned my coop
on Saturday so I knew it would be so nice to open the door and look inside.

I opened the door and this big thing went running away from the nest boxes to the
the place where the perches are located. I stood there watching thinking," Wow,
that is a big mouse, that is a very big mouse, You know that is the biggest mouse
I have ever seen before." Then it dawned on me that isn't a mouse, that is a RAT!!!

He must have been able to read minds because as soon as I thought the word RAT the
evil thing turned and looked at me standing like a idiot in the doorway. He started running
straight at me full speed. I was frozen in place. I was standing in the doorway, my thought was, " No, that rat will stop, that rat
will not try and run up my leg," Then it became perfectly clear, that rat was going to climb up
my leg!! My next thought was, " "That rat is going to climb up to my shorts!!!"

I screamed of course, soon as his little hands started up my leg. As soon as I screamed Sasha was at the other side of my leg. The rat saw her
and ran back in the hen house. Sasha took off after it so I shut the door, praying that Sasha
would catch him. Dust was coming at the door and squeaks lots of squeaks. I opened the door
very slowly and Sasha was staring up at the ceiling. There braced against the wall and the ceiling
was the rat. I went and got a stick to knock him down but when I got back he
was going into a place in the roof I couldn't get too. Sasha has never killed anything
in her life she isn't that kind of dog. She will herd things but she has never killed.
My Sheltie was the varmint killer. I wished I had her back just because she would have
made short work of it.
I have never seen a rat the whole time I have lived here. Mice but never a rat.
Now I have to find him before he moves the whole family in for the winter.
Now going out to the chicken coop is one I do ever so slowly. I am still a bit afraid.
I let Sasha go first.

My husband was working in his trees. Later I asked him, " Did you hear screams
coming from the chicken house?" He looked at me sideways, and said, " I did
hear lots of noise but I thought it was far off." Then I told him. He just laughed.

I hope you have a great Thursday. I just thought you might enjoy my rat story.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

I am doing Patrice's Meme today Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.
I liked her questions today because they are just fun. It is real
easy to come play along. I know I would love to come and visit your
farmhouse porch and find out all about you.

Questions for our chat:

1. What was your biggest fear as a child?

Loosing a parent and having to go live in an orphanage.

2. How old were you when you learned to cook? Or how old will you be when you learn to cook?

I was 11 when my Mom died in September, My Dad's birthday was in November, I wanted to make him a birthday cake. My sister and my brother and me were home alone, so I got out a cake mix and read the directions and made the cake. I called my grandmother and she told me how to make frosting. There are still pictures in the photo album of us standing by that cake. It leaned to one side but my Dad was so happy. I was hooked after that, I realized I could read and I could follow directions so I knew I could cook.

3. Did you have a favorite book as a child? What was it?

My favorite books that I still read once a year, is Anne of Green Gables. I still love them as much as I ever did and when Matthew died it still goes down as once of the worst things I ever read. Right there next to
"So why did Ned and Nancy Drew never get married?"

4. What's the busiest time of year for you?

Right now until the New Year. I have so much that has to get done and I really feel like some day's I just run from sun up to sun down.

5. Have you ever won a contest?

No, I have won some giveaway's since I started blogging but those are the first time in my life I have ever won anything.

I enjoyed this weeks questions and I look forward to getting around and visiting you too.
Have a great Wednesday!

Today on Tuesday

Today on Tuesday, I am glad we have a cooler morning
than we have had for the last few days. It is nice to be able to
open the doors and let fresh air in this morning.

Last night we went out to pick some peppers, We just picked
about 5 minutes. We have so many more to pick.

My husband makes a Spanish Omelet each morning for
breakfast and he puts these kind of chilies in it. It is really

This spring when I planted cantaloupe I also planted
Musk Melon. I really didn't know to much about them.
Last night we decided we would just pick one and see what
it looked and tasted like.

They look like this on the outside. They have a hard

They look like this on the inside, just like a cantaloupe
except much bigger.

It tastes a bit like a cross between a cantaloupe and
a watermelon. It is very yummy. We started looking
and our vines are just covered in them. We just had not checked them
much because they are in a part of the garden that we don't
we go to much.

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simply Sunday and a Rug Hooking Tutioral

Just a simple post on Sunday morning, I hope all
of you who have had Irene this weekend have been okay.
I have turned into such a weather junky. I watch the news
reports and then watch the radar to see what is going
on. Sometimes technology is a wonderful thing.

First of all I wanted to share with you a website that
has a nice beginning tutorial on beginning rug hooking.
She is also having a give a way for a kit with everything
to get started rug hooking.
Margie's blog is called, Hungry Hook Primitives.
She has some really nice wool and her kits are nice too.
So if you have wanted to be a rug hooker here is your chance.
I am thinking of getting a kit and following along with her
so I can learn to be a better rug hooker. Here is a picture of
the kit you can win.

Speaking of rug hooking. I worked on my rug on Saturday.
I worked in the morning cleaning flowerbeds and cleaning the
chicken coop, then it just got too hot to do anything else.
I am following directions for my rug that is in the book and I am
pretty happy at the results. I worked about four hours pulling
loops. All night long I dreamed I was still hooking. Patterns
were in my head. So weird.

After all of the many, many tries and things that now
live in a box under the sink, I have to say this is the first
one I am really pretty happy about. I really enjoy pulling
loops, in fact, I think I could sit and do this and forget
to do my work, clean house, you know all of those things.

I will be hooking more today because we are having another
day of 103. I don't know why this time of year, when it gets hot
like this it seems hotter than it did at the start of the summer.

Thinking of you,

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Post about Pumpkins

With Irene coming to call this weekend. My thought are
on hurricanes and preparations that all my friends are doing.
I have been in tornadoes and earthquakes, but never a hurricane.
I am not complaining though. I just want you to all know that
in this year of really incredible weather, my prayers will be with you.
So here is a light post about pumpkins. They are getting nice and orange.
I know that some of them I might have to pick soon as the vine is dying.
I just love the shapes and colors.

This is another one of the Cinderella pumpkins. I don't think
I could ever have too many of these. I can't wait until I can
decorate with them.

Isn't this one pretty? I like long stems so I try to be very careful
with them as they are growing.

Here are the tiny guys that our grand children can carry home
soon. I can't wait until they get to start coming out here and
getting to find them. The only thing is they think they are balls
to throw.

I know once the vines die back I will have more Jack-be-little's
but for now I have just found a couple. They aren't quite
orange yet.

So this is just a post about pumpkins. Nothing more.

I hope the weather man is wrong. But stay safe just in
case he is right.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dreams of The Everyday Housewife

I trimmed my rosebushes today. I always feel like such a murderer
when I just cut these pretty flowers off and throw them in the trash.
I just didn't have the patience to get cleaned up to come in the house
to put it in a vase so I took it's picture, then I threw it in the trash. I take
no prisoners when I clean my flowerbeds.

Okay so yesterday I watched a news special on how Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's.
Which really makes me sad. I know I was only a kid when he was really big.
I would watch his show with my Mom and Dad and I loved all of his songs. My Mom
had his albums, right there next to Elvis. I liked him too but I like Glen Campbell best.

After I watched the news report, I wanted to get his greatest hits album so I did. I went
outside with it on my I Pod and I don't know how but I know those songs better
than I know my kids names. I know the words and the tunes.
As I was working there came this song,

The Dreams of The Everyday Housewife

"She looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles that weren't there yesterday
And thinks of the young man that she almost married
What would he think if he saw her this way?"

I remembered sitting and watching my Mom cry when she first heard that song,
and I couldn't understand why.

Now I know. Such a very nice song. I don't post things like this very much but
it was so bittersweet.

I just thought I would share it with you,
Have a great Friday,

This Morning in The Garden

I was walking around the garden this morning, a very tired
garden. I need to remember that even though I love gardening,
I love planting seeds, I love it all but by this time is August, I
am just tired of the heat, the dirt, and I am ready to move on
with life.

I thought I would show you a picture of my garden. Now that the
weeds are taller than the plants I originally planted.

Then I went to the top of the garden and this is
the top part of it.

This hasn't been the best year for gardening. We haven't had the
heat as in years past. The weeds have had a banner year.
Once school starts gardening becomes the one more thing
that just gets over looked.

When I send my kids off to school they are eighteen. It still never gets
any easier for me. I admit, when Elliot went out the door, I was crying
into the washing machine. I lifted the lid so the sound of the water would
keep the sound so no one would hear it.
He looked so happy, I just had to show you a picture.

My kids are all well adjusted, it is the Mom who has
the problems. I am so happy when he comes in from
school and he is so happy, and he loves his classes.

You should have seen me with the oldest two were getting
married. Having the two weddings here 3 weeks apart, Megan
wanted red and white flowers in the front yard, and Kessie
wanted pink, white and green in the back yard. I planted
so many flowers. it was a good think as I spent so much time
crying in the flowerbeds.

Life moves on I took a picture of the house in the morning light.
I thought I might share it this morning. It is part of the dream
I never dreamed.

Peter told me he wants to get a after school job.
I don't know if I am ready to learn how to use the weed
eater, the edger and the lawn mower. I know I could,
but lets say, It seems a bit daunting.

This is how my Thursday looks, I am praying for all of you
in the path of Irene. Not to mention those of you that have
had your second earthquake.

Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

I am linking again with Patrice and her Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.
This first week of school has me scrambling for time to be on the computer.
This really feels more like a train station rather than a home. I have
so many comings and goings it really is quite different. I will get into
the groove soon but right now I am at all sixes and sevens. (I just read
that in a book.)


1. What's your favorite kind of soup?

Basque soup, it is a vegetable but the best and I have never been able to copy it is from the Basque restaurants that are here locally. I really do love Basque food.

2. Do you prefer a movie or a play?

A movie at home is my favorite, I do like plays once in a while though.

3. What was your most unusual birthday celebration? (It can be the most unusual celebration you attended, if you wish.)
I really can't think of any.

4. What position were you in your family- oldest, middle, youngest, only?

I was the oldest girl until my Dad remarried then I became the second kid with a older brother.

5. Please finish this: Star shine. Star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight...

I am always stymied because I look up into the heavens and I find myself saying, " Thank you Lord for giving me all of my dreams and wishes, I have more than I ever dreamed. "
I have tried but that is what always comes out.

Thanks to Patrice for hosting this, I look forward to seeing all of the other visitors on the porch.
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... The sun is shining, and the leaves are beginning to drift down in the
the tired dance of summer. The sky continues to be as blue as a robins egg and I wish there
were but a few clouds to remind me of ships sailing on far away seas.

I am thinking...That life is made up of tiny bits of magic. Each tiny bit is like a piece of chocolate
to be tasted and savored. To be unwrapped each day as I go about my business of being a servant to those whom I have been called.

I am thankful...That the first day of school was a good day. My son's remark was there was " lots of hot girls... in his classroom last year there was only one girl and it was Mom." My daughter thinks her math teacher is, "adorable." Peter of course being home with Mom thinks it is "boring." My son William, " Thinks it will be so much fun." I thought it was a good day but I am very thankful the first day is over.

From the learning rooms...This morning, as my stomach was filled with butterfly's
I opened my daily planner. Back in July when I asked God for a verse to base my 2011-2012 school year, He gave me " The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
(Duet 31:8) I didn't remember writing this so when I turned the page there was this lovely
promise and I was so comforted.

In the kitchen...I was finally able to be in the kitchen, around food. That is the first time in over
a week and I was hungry and I was so thankful.

I am wearing... Black shorts and a purple shirt and white tennis shoes and white socks.

I am creating... I have been working on my Halloween rug, my first pumpkin looks like a skeleton head and not at all like a pumpkin. Sometime I don't think I will ever get this rug hooking thing.

I am going... to sleep much better tonight than I have in weeks.

I am to liven up school and not be so boring.

I am reading...The Bible, The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart, The Green Grass of Wyoming by
Mary Ohara.

I am hoping... The kid coming over tonight takes both kittens.

I am looking forward to...the next moment in time.

I am hearing...The sound of boys voices talking to each other upstairs. The sound of my computer humming away. The heavy sighs of Sasha because I am on the computer and not outside and the sound of the air conditioner outside my room.

Around the house... All is quiet and the house is clean, the dishes done from dinner. Ron is re-potting trees.

I am pondering...watching the sun set and hoping that a breeze will come up this evening.

One of my favorite things...Letting my chickens out in the yard and when I come outside
they all run up to me to see if I have a treat and the sound of their feet in the grass as they
follow me. I love the sound of their feet.

A few plans for the rest of the week: To hook some more on my rug so it is finished by Halloween and not New Year. To start another counted cross stitch.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

My pumpkins just look so pretty out in the garden.
I am ready though for the other stuff to be gone. I lost
my battle with weeds and I am tired of the mess.

Thanks for reading along today. My brain was so tired, I really
couldn't think of anything to write about. I hadn't done a
Daybook for August and since we are at the end of August I thought
it was time.
I want to thank Peggy for hosting this, they help me to think.
Have a lovely Tuesday,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Building Fences

This weekend, my husband decided that he needed a solid fence
next to his shed. He had planned and Saturday morning
he did the post holes and the cement. He decided that today he and
the boys would go ahead and finish it.

They are building the big gate so that the cars and the lawnmower
and the tractor can get through. I am so glad because do you remember
last year when I wrote about working out there with my saw, people
would come barreling down the driveway with weird questions.
Now when I am out there by myself, no one will see me.

You know what else is really neat. All of the left over wood.
I am so excited because my husband saved all of it just for me.
I can't wait to see what I can make out of it.

The boys all drove in the nails. It is amazing how much
work 3 pretty close to grown men can get done. How fast too.
My husband's great, great grandfather had nine sons. Just think of how much work
he got accomplished.

It has needed to been done. We just never thought about it. Now I don't have to panic
when Sasha takes off running after a cat she won't be able to go in the road. When the
kids are bigger and they can go out here by themselves. Gama won't be afraid.

It was a very good day. It was sort of a men deal. Emilie and I walked out to ask
if we could help. We were told with glances that this was mens work and women
were not wanted.
It was kinda weird. I wasn't sorry though. It was nice to lay around the house. :)

Have a great week!


Another Beautiful Day

I went over to visit my dear friend Pom Pom and she had pictures
of her class room for this year. I think they are the dearest pictures
and I wanted to go sit in her class room. Then I remembered when I was in sixth grade
I couldn't make my mind want to go back to sixth grade.

I will give you a warning here so you can stop and go to another blog.
I think this will be a sad post. Not to mention it is one of those many stories
I tell.

The summer of 1969 was a hard summer as my Mom was getting sicker and sicker.
My Mom wouldn't let anyone tell us that she was going to die but that she would get
well soon. She tried very hard to do the normal things she has always done like keep
the house clean and dinner cooked. By this time in August though, she was spending
more and more time in bed sleeping. We had people who would come and stay.

I spent more and more time outside. Never once, did I ever entertain the idea
that she would die. School started that first Tuesday after Labor Day, and I was in
sixth grade. It would be the first time I had a man teacher. I want you to know, that
he was a fair and just man. He was a good teacher. He had a thing he did and we
sat in the class room according to our grade point average for the week. We would
work all week and then the last 30 minutes of the following Friday we would move
our desks around the class room. Ending that first week in September, my desk was
in the one of the first two rows next to the teachers desk. That was the rows for the
smart kids and as you moved across the room to the back side was the slower more
troublesome students. Kind of like classroom no man's land.

I went to school on Monday, and my Mom was in the hospital when I got home from
school. I expected her to be home later, like all of the times before. That night, my brother
and sister and I slept in my parents bedroom, I know some adult must have been with us
but I don't remember. During the night, I had this dream. I want you to know, that I don't
do dreams and visions but I do believe that in times of great distress they can happen.

In my dream, there was this voice, and it called my name, He said, because it was a mans voice
" Kim, I have to take your Mother now to live with me. " I was crying and saying " No, no, you can't, you can't, what will I do?" " He very lovingly and so kindly said, " It is time for her to
come to live with me now, but you will be okay, will you trust me?" The love that washed over me was so compelling and so gentle and so complete, that I said, " I would."

Then I woke up. I looked at the clock on the dresser. It was 7:10 A.M. I knew we wouldn't be going to school that day. I knew we were going to miss the bus. As I laid there, I knew she
was gone. But I kept telling myself, I would be okay. I could hear voices talking and
crying in the living room. I heard the bus come to the house and someone go outside
to tell the bus driver. I kept waiting because I knew what was going to be coming.
Then my grand parents and my Dad came in and woke up my brother and sister,
I told them I already knew and told them how. I think my mind is pretty blank or
there is so much pain I can't talk or write about it very much. I will tell you riding in
that hearse was a big disappointment. I thought we would get to run red lights.
We didn't.

The following Monday I had made up my mind that the sooner I did normal the better off
I would be. My grand parents and my Dad didn't want me to go back to school but I needed
to get away from home.
As I got off the bus and walked towards where all of my friends hung out silence fell over the
playground. Kids stopped what they were doing as I walked. They turned and watched me,
and I could hear the whispers of, " Her Mom died." As I walked, one of the girls I had known
all of my life broke out of the crowd and came to me and grabbed my arm and led me away
telling me how sorry she was, I still remember that one act of kindness and it was so huge.

Class started, and as I walked into the class room, my desk was not where it had been the
last time I was there. My eyes traveled and my desk was now all of the way across the room
with the kids that were different from me. All boys. Mean boys.

The teacher got up to explain because I had missed a week of school and I was a week behind
because of no school work that was where I had to sit. I was so mortified. I know now that
as a verse says, " Iron entered my soul." So for a week, I worked as I had never worked
in my life. I still remember how dirty the floor was over there and how my shoes would scape
across sand. Maybe even the janitor didn't even clean over there. I would get off the school bus
and go to a empty house, and begin to make beds and clean as my Mother had done.

By that Friday, when it came time for us to rearrange the class room according to grade point
averages, I received accolades from the class and the teacher. All of the class wanted to help
move my desk back. I learned something that was bad though, I only did enough work after that
to keep me with my friends. I didn't want to move to the front of the class because then
I would be at the teachers desk and I didn't want that. So I stayed were it was safe.

My legacy was I think from my Mother, three verses.

Revelation 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears my voice and
opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him and he with me."

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding
in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In Everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

I would repeat these to myself over and over. But it wasn't until I was almost 40 that I understood, that God didn't make a mistake by wounding me as He did. He did it for my good and His glory. When I finally understood that He never did leave me, nor did He ever forsake me
and it was part of a beautiful plan. I was finally at peace. Then I understood, what
true joy is and how it can come out of some of the hardest trials.
It helped me to see beauty in the smallest things in life. Something I might have
overlooked if not for the loving hand of God in my life.

That is why Pom Pom's class room spoke to me today. How I wished it had been like
that but it wasn't. I know too, that kids today, have it 10 times worse than I ever did.
They need that kind of class room, because so many kids today don't have that kind
of life at home.

Now if you have made it to the end, thank you for letting me share today.
This story wouldn't shut up today and I have lots to do so it had to be written.
I hope you have a lovely week next week, as I am going back to school too.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Days

I was looking at my tired garden. I am ready to plow the thing
under. When we went to the Bonsai nursery I loved how
he had his trees planted in rows. Trees grow better in the ground
than in pots.

So I am ready for our garden to come out and for the
place where the garden is to look like this.
In the fall people come to this nursery and pick out the trees
they are going to use for Bonsai and they tag them and then
when it gets cold the come back and get them. I just loved that.

My husband last fall went to places and gathered seeds and he learned
about germinating different kinds of seeds. Some he could just put right
into the potting mix, some of them spent all summer in the refrigerator.
He has little tiny trees from those. He wants to make cork oak trees into
Bonsai trees so he is going to go gather more acorns. When we were at the
nursery he found out that there is a cork elm tree. We didn't know that.

These guys were troopers. They wanted to be at the beach
but their Dad was having so much fun they spent two hours
entertaining themselves and even hauled the trees to the car.
They were even willing to ride with them in the car on the way
home if there wasn't going to be enough room.

I love looking down at the rows of trees. These are the most common
kind of trees you see for Bonsai Trees. I love that my husband
has this hobby, I love that he likes trees. It makes me so happy
to see him fooling around with them. He has a very high powered
stressful job. Everything he does comes out of his brain. I worry about
his brain. So I am glad he can come home and grow trees.

What I loved while we were listening to the gentleman who owned
the nursery was how each of these trees had a story. Some of them were
so old and had not for sale signs on them. His Dad had made them or someone
older than his Dad. Some pots that were very old and showed us how to tell about
old, old Bonsai pots. He showed us pots that were worth more than the trees.
I love antique things so I enjoyed his stories. I loved that he had pots that somehow
got out of Japan that had been gifts to the current Emperor. They had the imperial stamps
on them.

My husband has hundreds of little trees. His hobby started because the kids
needed trees for their houses. So he started growing them and learning about them.
I have always wanted our whole pasture filled with all kinds of gardens. I think it would
be lovely to have gardens that grew trees so people could do Bonsai. I will always
grow pumpkins and sunflowers. I would like it to be all filled up.

I read this today, " Sometimes obedience means the willingness to do the apparently
useless thing, in order that God may do the great thing. " My kids needed trees, so
my husband figured out how to grow them. Now he is going to learn something new.
I have always loved that about him, he is always trying new things and in doing so,
he gives me courage to try as well. I would have never started blogging and living
out loud if he had not made me want to try.

Isn't it nice when you find out that really, life is just wonderful.

We will be sitting and dreaming of trees in the garden this weekend.
Have a lovely Saturday,

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a confession to make. I feel terrible about it but so you know.
I took the last remaining kittens to the dog pound today. They are back
at home now though. What I have is a story about what happened today.
I have been agonizing about the kittens. You know that show "Hoarders."
I am scared to death that the heart of a hoarder beats in my chest.
When Hobo showed up, she was scared, and it took me two weeks
to get her tame. Then I knew the poor kitten was pregnant. I just
couldn't haul her off, as a unwed kitty. So I kept her. She had her
kittens I thought I was doing the right thing.

I gave one away, but two remained. I decided that I would get Hobo fixed
today and take the other two away. To the dog pound. (Darth Vader Music plays

I got in my car wracking my brain to do anything but go there but I couldn't
come up with anything. It doesn't help when your kids sit outside and rock them
and pet them right before I left.
I drove and it is a long way from my house with little kitten voices crying in a cardboard
box. I arrived at the place and it looked really busy. The place has changed since
I last visited. I like the place better when I am there to adopt by the way.

I walked in and there were people all around and I felt like a deer in the headlights.
I carried my box of meowing kittens to the counter. I put my keys and my wallet
and my purse on top of the box to keep the cats from escaping. The cat carrier was
at the vet's office with Hobo.

The lady asked me questions about when they were born and how long had I had the
mother things like that. I was not wearing my glasses. She handed me paper work.
Lots of paper work, with small print. I had to squint and stare at it . She wanted my
Drivers License. She was typing and typing. To my right in a couple of chairs, was
a large woman and her daughter. There was a woman to my left trying to spring the bail
for her dog. The woman that is on my right is happily telling the lady at the counter that she had
put a picture of her dog on face book and had been praying and praying and now she
had found him.

The large woman and her daughter are talking with the woman at the counter and are yelling back and forth to each other. I am feeling
really weird because it was taking so long and I thought I would be gone by now. Then the daughter of the large
woman starts, blowing raspberries on her mothers arm. Her arms are large so the
fart sounds are really loud and obnoxious. The little girl almost falls out of the chair
because it was so loud. Then she keeps doing it much to the mothers chagrin.

Then the lady finds out that to spring the bail for the dog will be $600.00 dollars.
I about fainted. I thought, "Oh, gee, that is a bunch." The dog had been there so long
he should have already been put to sleep.

I am standing there and the lady tells me to go outside and take the kittens
around to a sidewalk and someone will come and take them to the back. She tells
me she has to keep my drivers license until I come back with the money for the kittens.

The little girl is making all of these gross sounds, the lady is trying to figure out how to save her dog.
Someone comes in behind me and wants to give away horses. I still didn't feel
quite right because of the flu, when this lady appears beside me. Lets say in her other life she
might have been a drug dealer or something rough. She opens the box and takes
out one of the kitties. She says, We can't take these, they are too small. When she
grabbed the kitten, without asking with her dirty hands I wanted to tell her,
"get your hands off my kittens I wouldn't leave them with you anyway. " I didn't of course.
I never can think in times like that.

One of the things I always wondered was how the Gestapo was able to get people to
turn on their own people. Today I figured it out. They took people who had no authority
and gave them some. She had authority and she used it as a drawn sword.

The lady at the counter said, " if you come back on Friday or Saturday, someone will
take them." She gave me this look. At this point, I may just take them to the vet and
get them fixed when they are bigger. And just keep them. Maybe I will be on next season
of the Hoarders.

I would still rescue Hobo.

Have a great Friday!