June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Days

I was looking at my tired garden. I am ready to plow the thing
under. When we went to the Bonsai nursery I loved how
he had his trees planted in rows. Trees grow better in the ground
than in pots.

So I am ready for our garden to come out and for the
place where the garden is to look like this.
In the fall people come to this nursery and pick out the trees
they are going to use for Bonsai and they tag them and then
when it gets cold the come back and get them. I just loved that.

My husband last fall went to places and gathered seeds and he learned
about germinating different kinds of seeds. Some he could just put right
into the potting mix, some of them spent all summer in the refrigerator.
He has little tiny trees from those. He wants to make cork oak trees into
Bonsai trees so he is going to go gather more acorns. When we were at the
nursery he found out that there is a cork elm tree. We didn't know that.

These guys were troopers. They wanted to be at the beach
but their Dad was having so much fun they spent two hours
entertaining themselves and even hauled the trees to the car.
They were even willing to ride with them in the car on the way
home if there wasn't going to be enough room.

I love looking down at the rows of trees. These are the most common
kind of trees you see for Bonsai Trees. I love that my husband
has this hobby, I love that he likes trees. It makes me so happy
to see him fooling around with them. He has a very high powered
stressful job. Everything he does comes out of his brain. I worry about
his brain. So I am glad he can come home and grow trees.

What I loved while we were listening to the gentleman who owned
the nursery was how each of these trees had a story. Some of them were
so old and had not for sale signs on them. His Dad had made them or someone
older than his Dad. Some pots that were very old and showed us how to tell about
old, old Bonsai pots. He showed us pots that were worth more than the trees.
I love antique things so I enjoyed his stories. I loved that he had pots that somehow
got out of Japan that had been gifts to the current Emperor. They had the imperial stamps
on them.

My husband has hundreds of little trees. His hobby started because the kids
needed trees for their houses. So he started growing them and learning about them.
I have always wanted our whole pasture filled with all kinds of gardens. I think it would
be lovely to have gardens that grew trees so people could do Bonsai. I will always
grow pumpkins and sunflowers. I would like it to be all filled up.

I read this today, " Sometimes obedience means the willingness to do the apparently
useless thing, in order that God may do the great thing. " My kids needed trees, so
my husband figured out how to grow them. Now he is going to learn something new.
I have always loved that about him, he is always trying new things and in doing so,
he gives me courage to try as well. I would have never started blogging and living
out loud if he had not made me want to try.

Isn't it nice when you find out that really, life is just wonderful.

We will be sitting and dreaming of trees in the garden this weekend.
Have a lovely Saturday,


  1. Isn't it nice when you have a day that puts so many things in our lives in perspective? It sounds like a wonderful hobby for your husband and then the whole family gets to enjoy his results.

  2. I appreciate all the information about bonsai trees.....I never knew any of this. It's so special that he has a hobby that he loves and that the kids join him....

    It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your husband....A true blessing from God....I hope you give him a big hug and kiss.....

  3. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband. I'm glad he encouraged you to live out loud by blogging It is so nice that he has found something he enjoys doing, a good place to relieve stress. We all need something like that in our life.

  4. So are you actually starting a nursery, or is this just "Dad has a more plants than he has space so we need to put them in the pasture"? :)

  5. Bonsai is a wonderful talent...one I am lacking.

  6. Trees are powerful and all nature is so very healing. I agree that it is a good hobby for him since his job is so stressful. I can just picture him puttering around the growing saplings getting his center back! Isn't it fun to watch our loved ones be in joy?

  7. i love that your hubby is going to get his fingers in the dirt more and give energy and receive it from his trees. love that... :)

  8. "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree." Joyce Kilmer wrote that and isn't it fitting and TRUE?

  9. I think it's wonderful when he has a stressful job that he can 'chill' with something like tree growing. Great stuff :)

    Wonderful stuff about the bonsai... fascinating


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