June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a confession to make. I feel terrible about it but so you know.
I took the last remaining kittens to the dog pound today. They are back
at home now though. What I have is a story about what happened today.
I have been agonizing about the kittens. You know that show "Hoarders."
I am scared to death that the heart of a hoarder beats in my chest.
When Hobo showed up, she was scared, and it took me two weeks
to get her tame. Then I knew the poor kitten was pregnant. I just
couldn't haul her off, as a unwed kitty. So I kept her. She had her
kittens I thought I was doing the right thing.

I gave one away, but two remained. I decided that I would get Hobo fixed
today and take the other two away. To the dog pound. (Darth Vader Music plays

I got in my car wracking my brain to do anything but go there but I couldn't
come up with anything. It doesn't help when your kids sit outside and rock them
and pet them right before I left.
I drove and it is a long way from my house with little kitten voices crying in a cardboard
box. I arrived at the place and it looked really busy. The place has changed since
I last visited. I like the place better when I am there to adopt by the way.

I walked in and there were people all around and I felt like a deer in the headlights.
I carried my box of meowing kittens to the counter. I put my keys and my wallet
and my purse on top of the box to keep the cats from escaping. The cat carrier was
at the vet's office with Hobo.

The lady asked me questions about when they were born and how long had I had the
mother things like that. I was not wearing my glasses. She handed me paper work.
Lots of paper work, with small print. I had to squint and stare at it . She wanted my
Drivers License. She was typing and typing. To my right in a couple of chairs, was
a large woman and her daughter. There was a woman to my left trying to spring the bail
for her dog. The woman that is on my right is happily telling the lady at the counter that she had
put a picture of her dog on face book and had been praying and praying and now she
had found him.

The large woman and her daughter are talking with the woman at the counter and are yelling back and forth to each other. I am feeling
really weird because it was taking so long and I thought I would be gone by now. Then the daughter of the large
woman starts, blowing raspberries on her mothers arm. Her arms are large so the
fart sounds are really loud and obnoxious. The little girl almost falls out of the chair
because it was so loud. Then she keeps doing it much to the mothers chagrin.

Then the lady finds out that to spring the bail for the dog will be $600.00 dollars.
I about fainted. I thought, "Oh, gee, that is a bunch." The dog had been there so long
he should have already been put to sleep.

I am standing there and the lady tells me to go outside and take the kittens
around to a sidewalk and someone will come and take them to the back. She tells
me she has to keep my drivers license until I come back with the money for the kittens.

The little girl is making all of these gross sounds, the lady is trying to figure out how to save her dog.
Someone comes in behind me and wants to give away horses. I still didn't feel
quite right because of the flu, when this lady appears beside me. Lets say in her other life she
might have been a drug dealer or something rough. She opens the box and takes
out one of the kitties. She says, We can't take these, they are too small. When she
grabbed the kitten, without asking with her dirty hands I wanted to tell her,
"get your hands off my kittens I wouldn't leave them with you anyway. " I didn't of course.
I never can think in times like that.

One of the things I always wondered was how the Gestapo was able to get people to
turn on their own people. Today I figured it out. They took people who had no authority
and gave them some. She had authority and she used it as a drawn sword.

The lady at the counter said, " if you come back on Friday or Saturday, someone will
take them." She gave me this look. At this point, I may just take them to the vet and
get them fixed when they are bigger. And just keep them. Maybe I will be on next season
of the Hoarders.

I would still rescue Hobo.

Have a great Friday!



  1. Wow, I'm glad you decided to keep the kittens. You are not a hoarder; you are a lover of heart beats.

  2. Oh Kim, I know I shouldn't......but I am laughing at your description of the events. Imagining those people as I was reading made me laugh out loud. And I was picturing your face and the expressions I imagined you were making at the time. Loud obnoxious fart noises......HAHAHA
    Well, you didn't get rid of the kitties but you did get a great story out of it.
    So maybe your kids have friends that might take the kitties??

  3. What a crazy ordeal. I love the line you have about giving authority to people who otherwise had none. Perfect! I agree, you are not a hoarder. Things always happen for a reason...maybe there are different homes waiting for them down the line. You could try listing them free on Craigs List or in the newspaper. Trust me, adopting a cat is costly. Folks like free! Good luck!
    I hope you're feeling much better from the flu! Thinking about you.

  4. oh lordy. keeping those 2 kittens might be the best thing you've done (well, besides rescuing and fixing hobo). good going, kim!

  5. I am sure there is a better solution for those poor little kittens, I would not have left them either, I can just picture this scene, that's life sometimes isn't it?

  6. Good grief, what a nightmare! Sounds like the Dale at it's finest! I imagine you can find someone to take them. Or if not, just keep them to replace the current outgoing generation, since some of the current ones are so old and crotchety.

  7. How could they not take them yesterday, but a day or two later they would be big enough? That's dumb.

    You want me to do it? Apparently I am heartless enough to not only take babies, but their mama too!

    It does take longer than it should with all the dumb paper work. And how do you find so many crazy people??

  8. The whole scene is running through my mind... the crazy people, the obnoxious noises and the hitler lady in charge... yikes! How on earth do things get so complicated!

    Whatever you do will be fine... those kittens are beyond blessed to simply have landed at Kim's house! :)

  9. I am so glad you didn't leave them....I know God will find a way for these kittens.....

    I had a similar experience in a pound and decided I would never go back to one..It's so sad and it breaks my heart......Obviously you have a huge heart.

  10. "They took people who had no authority
    and gave them some."

    There goes my wise friend again. These are haunting words that make me cringe.

    This is the first time I'm sorry I don't get television. I want to catch your episode of Hoarders!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Oh my Kim - you are a saint. And wow - what insight into the gestapo! I bet if you advertise those cute little kittens on craigslist you'll get some takers ... and it won't even cost you anything.

  12. Sounds like you may have been at the zoo instead of the shelter? Without your glasses, you may well have been! LOL

    Tough situation to be in. I don't envy you on this one!

  13. I think last time I counted three did not make a hoard. Proud of you, if they're altered, these will be your forever cats...and not multiply.


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