June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

I am a little late today getting the lovely Meme that Patrice does each week.
Life has a way of getting in the way of blogging sometimes. :)

Here are your questions for the day:

1. What season was your wedding? If you aren't married, the what season is your birthday?

I was married in the spring. Lovely, lovely spring. I am glad that 31 years have gone by to forget all of the fiasco involved. :)

2. What names did you call your grandparents?(ie- grandma, granny, gran, grammie)

My grandparents that I lived next door to were who I was closest to were Mama and Papa.
My Dad's Mom I called Granny Johnson, my grandpa on that side died the year I was born.
My Grand mother had divorced and remarried,
so Her first husband, was my Grandpa Sam. Most awesome man on the face of the earth.
I wish I had got to spend more time with him, but my Grandmother was a force to be reckoned with when he came to town. He looked like Ronald Reagan, he was the smartest man I ever met and such a deep thinker and he was a inventor, farmer, dreamer, philosopher. He led me to the Lord when I was in my 20s. He also played minor league baseball. The day I beat him at checkers was one of the highest honors I ever received. Then I turned around and beat him again. Then I wouldn't play him anymore because I would have lost my crown. He never let me forget that.

3. What's your favorite smell that comes from your oven?
Anything that is in there. Well, except pizza from the pizza shop, at night.

4. If you eat eggs- scrambled, fried, over easy, sunny side up, or other?

My husband makes the best turkey ham, cheese, vegetable omelet most mornings.
He is a wonderful breakfast cook. I am not. So he cooks breakfast. I am so glad he feeds
me. He was out of town yesterday, and I never thought to eat until he texted me to tell me
he was coming home, then I remembered. He calls me when he is on his lunch hour,
so I always remember to have lunch after that, he was busy and couldn't call so I didn't
remember to eat lunch either. I guess he is my trigger to eat. I never cook dinner for me but
for him. I don't think I would ever cook if it was for me.

5. What's the tidiest room in your house? What's the messiest?

My house is always clean. I can't live with messy or clutter. There are to many people who live here. We would look like a
episode of the hoarders if I wasn't always cleaning. I guess you could say, when it is messy, it
is because I have a project going on, but I always have everything cleaned up and put away
when my husband gets home from work. I had so many young kids for so long that I couldn't
leave things out so I just got into that habit. Not to mention the years we lived in a 1000 square
foot house with 5 kids, there was just no room to keep things. The kids also have always kept their rooms clean. I can't settle down in my mind if my house is dirty.

Thanks to Patrice for her questions this week.


  1. I keep trying to tell my husband that men are great breakfast cooks... he's afraid to let me know it's true, so he just stays out of the kitchen.

    I've always been a bit romantic about the peasant life. To hear you describe it (in your comment) I'm not sure that genteel wasn't a bit more up my alley! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. We raised the lovelies in a 1300 sq ft home. And clutter found it's way in. I'm still in the process of de-cluttering everything! Never ending process. Maybe you could come and organize me. LOL

  3. I liked reading about your grandparents. I used to play checkers with my old granny. I hope you are happy and well. I've missed you!

  4. I love these questions...we learn so many cool things about you! ;-)
    I called both my grandmothers "Grammy".

  5. you poor thing - being haunted in your own home by the smell of pizza... ha!

  6. Still can't do the pizza, eh? I think it's so funny how much you clean your house and how obsessive we can get with it. I kept trying to answer that question in my head and all I could think was "Well, the kitchen gets dirty when I cook but that's about it." I think the years growing up living in a constantly messy house seeped into my soul because I HATE mess too.

  7. I really do love this meme...I am going to jump in someday, haha...Your grandpa Sam sounds soo wonderful. How neat to have been lead to the Lord by him. I am with you on the neat house. I just can't bear a mess, but I have started to mellow a bit this last year...not nearly as rigid as I used to be, haha. Hope you are having a good day.. HUGS

  8. You would never play him again and risk losing your crown?? Hahaha. I love that. We have the same competitive spirit!

  9. You have some dear memories of your Grandpa Sam. Anyone that resembled Ronald Reagan can't be at all bad in my book.
    When I still had children at home my house was as neat as a pin. But funny now that I don't have to be a shining example to the children any longer I'm a little more slack. I do need to de-clutter again, I think!

  10. Thanks for being so faithful and joining in on Wednesdays. I like this better than the weight loss meme because it doesn't induce guilt. ;)

    I'd love to have a great omelet cook around some mornings, but I'm it!

    I only knew one grandparent. You're lucky to have had so many in your life.

    Pizza haunts you !!!!!!!!!

    I wish I'd had a Grandpa Sam. He sounds wonderful.

    I looked for you on FB today. You had a great post, but I missed you by 2 hours.

    I need to have you help me get organized. Cooking is my forte'- housework is my failure!

  11. I can so relate to a tidy, little house. We had just 4 kids in a 980 sq. ft. mobile home. Tight, tight, tight. It seemed we were forever having "5 minute pick-ups."


  12. I so enjoy reading these posts Kim. I too keep a "tight ship", I discovered early on it makes life so much easier. My husband is the main meal preparer in our family! He makes the best popovers, and lumpless gravy I have ever tasted. I do the prep, can, make bread, pastries and pies, we make a good team, 33 years this September! Last weekend while on a field trip in New Hampshire my husband and I came upon a field of sunflowers, as far as the eye can see, the first thing I did was to think of you my friend. Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  13. Enjoyed reading your answers! Have a great Thursday.

  14. Kim, I love this blog post. I love your questions and your answers.
    1. My season for my birthday is HOT SUMMER, the best memories are having everyone over and us making homemade ice cream out on the patio. Jeff, Beeko and Sharl would be over and usually Tara and we would have so much fun.
    2. I love what you said. You were completely honest and I laughed very hard when you said that Mama was a force to be reckoned with. I am still laughing. I talk about Grandpa Sam all of the time with Will. I wish everyone I know could have known Grandpa Sam.
    3. My favorite smell from the oven is roasted vegetables. I will post my recipe on my blog but mmmmmmm that and yeast bread are the tops.
    4. I hated eggs of any kind all of my life but Will makes incredible scrambled and over-medium eggs. He is also a better breakfast cooker than I am. Why didn't we ever learn to cook a great breakfast I wonder?
    5. Tidiest and messiest room. Tidiest is always the kitchen because I cannot cook unless everything is right and put away. Messiest would be my bedroom. I tend to put lots of stuff on my bedside table to get back to and usually don't get back to.

    I love your blog, I saw this the other day but didn't read it.


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