Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

The PG&E company was doing training
down at the end of the street from my house.
They would pick men up from the ground and
swing them around on a long cable and carry them
back to this power pole and then grab
the other guys on the other side and do it again.
I stood and watched and I was so glad I didn't know
any one who had to do that or that I was any closer.
Just looking at this picture makes my stomach get
butterflies. I would stand and pray for the helicopter
pilot and the men that were practicing.
They did it for two days about 6 hours a day.

I would find I would just stand and watch. The thing
that would get me would be when they would pick the men
up from the ground and start flying away, I can't imagine
a roller-coaster being a bigger ride that that.
I wondered if when the men got home if they were exhausted,
each night.

I also thought about that helicopter pilot a lot, he as well as
the men he was working with had to be so careful because it
is a area where a bunch of power lines converge. He was a
incredible pilot.

I am finally almost weed free now. I chopped the last bit
today. Now, I can put the garden in, this morning when I
went outside the calves next door were by the fence and they
had frost on their backs, I am glad I have not got my
tomatoes in yet. Soon though very soon. I won't be able
to stay away from the seed packets, then I can start
dreaming in my field of dreams again, since this is
the title of this blog.
Have a Great Wednesday!

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