Friday, April 30, 2010

Fiber Friday

It is Fiber Friday again. I worked on these little
pin keepers or what ever they are called. I really have
enjoyed doing them and getting reacquainted with
counted-cross stitch again. These are patterns
All of her designs make me happy. I like them
because I think I can over come my fear of
counted cross stich and tackle this project.

I bought this leaflet in 1986 I have carried it through
2 major moves and lots of purges. In 1986 I was 28 years
old and had two kids. I have waited all of these years
to finally do this. I still love it. It cracked me up though
because the colors are peach and blue. Remember when
all the colors were peach and blue? I am not doing this
in peach and blue. I like primitive colors now so I will
work with that. I have always like silhouettes. When I was
a kid, my Mom was always in antiques stores and she found
a series of silhouettes painted on glass. I loved them.
I would stare at them and imagine the people who lived
in the picture. But one day I got home from school and
they were gone. She said they fell off the wall and broke.

It made me sad like I lost a friend. I still wonder what
really happened to those pictures. So anyway, I am going
to work on this for fiber Friday.
Have a nice last Friday of April. Come on May, and warm


Meg said...

Yay Fiber Friday! And especially the Friday part. I haven't decided what I'll work on today. I think I'll keep going on my sweater. Although I do really need to finish the pink shawl...

Farm Girl said...

I am glad it is cloudy and cold today. It seems better to sit in the house and sew.
At least you have some projects to work on today. :)

Kessie said...

Peach and blue? I thought it was pink and blue. If it was me, I'd totally change it to purple.

Hope you have a nice day! It's certainly cloudy and cold this morning.

Farm Girl said...

I am thinking of purple and gray. I want it though to not be so dark purple that when you look at it it says, Purple letters, then you see the rest. I still like it so much.
IT is cold but it is very fresh and clean. I hope you have a nice day too.

myletterstoemily said...

so sorry about your lost picture/friend.

i have some things like that which i am
very attached to.

have a great weekend,