Friday, April 2, 2010

Fiber Friday

Odds and Ends

One of the things I love about Friday's is its the
day I stop working, well okay, I don't work as much,
but I get to fool with sewing projects. I got these patterns
from a wonderful little site called
She has the cutest little cross stitch patterns and today,
I am going to turn these into those little needle keepers.

Here is another one I made this week.

I know they are for the fall, but I have always
thought I was to dumb too do cross stitch. I never
could finish a project or make it turn out.
Then as I watched my daughter-in-love try to knit
the other day I saw it wasn't that I was dumb, but
when you go to pick up a needle the baby sees it
as a signal to climb up in moms lap. So lets see,
my youngest is 14 so I can finally do counted cross
stitch. My oldest is almost 29 so there is a bunch of years
that I just couldn't sew because of a baby.

I also wanted to talk about one of my all time
favorite books. It is called Stepping Heavenward
by Elisabeth Prentiss.

I ran across a lovely site today called
She reminded me of Stepping Heavenward,
This is a book of letters and I just love books
with letters as the subject. I have learned so much
about being a Mother from this book.
I read it every spring so it must be about time to
read it again, because I have been thinking about
it so much.
Oh I almost forgot, I wanted to post a picture of my
first rug hooking project.

I do love rug hooking too. I think though, since
it is April I will be doing more gardening in my
field of dreams. It calls to me and keeps my attention
for now.
I hope you have a lovely Friday.


Meg said...

Yes, the only time I really make any progress is when the munchkins are asleep.

Someday I will be able to sit and knit without little hands grabbing at it, but that will probably be the day that I am sad my babies are growing up.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, it is sadly a trade off. I think as I look back, and those things I thought were so important, were not, I am glad I have babies all around so the ache about everyone growing up isn't so bad. I am so thankful that while I have grandchildren now with 4 still at home, I am so very, very thankful I did not have to experience a empty nest. I will be old, old before that happens. :)

myletterstoemily said...

you're so talented! your children
and grandchildren will have so
many treasures.

Janean said...

i think its heavenly when we pay attention to the little things in our lives such as needle keepers.

you have a lot of talent!

Sue said...

Good Morning Kim,
Beautiful projects you did, and my garden is calling me this morning too, but wanted to stop by before I went out to plant.

We are having super great weather, for which I am so thankful.

I did cross stitch many years ago, and have thought of starting some projects too, since I don't have any lap crawlers around now, though I would dearly love to have them and miss that time . lol Not even a grandchild, all so far away.

I am not familiar with this book, but will check it out, I have visited this sweet blog, and found it so refreshing.

And your Thankful Thursday post, is so great, when we go to Olive Garden it is the one dish my dh always gets, he won't even think about trying anything else. So i am thankful that you posted Meg's recipe. I will come back and write it down as my printer is not working. It looks and sounds delicious.
As always such a blessing to visit you and to see what you have been doing. Coming here is like reading a book, one chapter at a time. I always leave so inspired.

Well, I hear those seeds calling my name, hope your day is filled with many blessings.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello! Thanks so much for visiting with me and the Sweet Comment.

It too sounds like you deserve the Grandma Award! So I am sending it your way now.Hop on over take a copy of the Award!

I also gave you a Beautiful Blog Award but didn't get to tell you yet! Hmmm don't know what happened, no sleep! So see that on my Blog as well.

I'll be back for another visit.~Cheers Kim