Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I need to get a photo shop account so I can doctor
up my pictures, sorry this doesn't look yummy.
But it is, I would say, family level of excitement for
this dish is at a all time high. They even like eating
it for breakfast.
So one of the things I am thankful for today is that
my girls cook and they teach me so much.

This is my daughter-in-loves recipe. I must admit
it started out her recipe and I can never leave anything
alone so it has become this.

Olive Garden has a dish on their menu called Chicken
Scampi. My family loves this dish and I have used copy
cat recipes and I have tried and tried to copy it. I never could
come up with the right balance.
Not to mention it takes hours to prepare.

I took the recipe Meg gave me and now it is Chicken
Scampi that my family likes better than the one at Olive

Chicken Scampi

2 chicken breasts cut up in small bite sized pieces.
One whole bell pepper
one half of a onion, brown is what I use, chopped.
garlic cloves. I use powder if I am pressed for time.

I also start my water boiling for the pasta, again,
I use what ever I have that has at least 4 cups of
dry pasta. I have used fettuccine noodles and it
works too. I prefer bow-ties. (just so you can eat it
I also cook my broccoli with my pasta and I use
about two cups of that.

So while the pasta is cooking, I brown my chicken
in Pam, olive oil works best but since I will forever
be on Weight Watchers, I just use Pam, and a little
water. ( This dish for a cup is 7 points.) Just thought
you would like to know.

Oh, Meg said to really salt the water with the pasta
and broccoli which is very nice to do it adds flavor.
I use kosher salt because I love the taste of kosher
salt very much.

Just as all of the pink is gone from the chicken, add the
vegetables and saute until softened but not mushy.
remove from heat and drain pasta.

I love this part, pour everything else back into the
pasta pot, pasta, broccoli and then add chicken and
To this add, and I use two jars of whatever Alfredo
sauce was on sale at the store. Add one cup of mozzarella
cheese, ( I use two handfuls) then stir it all up, it smells
I have to use my largest casserole dish because I make so
much for my family, which I think would feed 20 normal
people. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake uncovered
in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes.
Now if you serve bread sticks and a green salad, you can
pretend you are at Olive Garden having dinner. As the kids
said last night it was better at home because it isn't noisy, and you
don't have to listen to Italian opera music.

I am thankful for being this age and having been given the gift
friends and family.
I wish you a very happy Thursday indeed.


myletterstoemily said...

hi kim!

it's nice to meet you . . . and get a
yummy recipe, to boot!

i look forward to many future visits.


Jennifer said...

Hiya, Farm Girl!

You don't need anything can go to and doctor those pictures right up! Have fun. :) Happy Easter.

extra long neckties said...

Happy Easter anyone! The penne still looks yummy. Reading the recipe made it yummier. Good job!