Friday, April 9, 2010

Fiber Friday

I know I posted this before, but I am now going
to start working on the rest of this quilt. I am not
the best quilter in the world but I do like it. I like
quilts for my walls rather than for beds. This one though
is at the edge of all of my skills. The next block is
a house block and there are so many pieces to it,
I think I have met my water-loo. I am going to go
back and start over and I know once I get past
the house block I can finish the rest.

This is my current hand stitching project. I haven't
been able to work on it much because of this week
being crazy busy. I think my favorite thing in the whole
world is hand sewing of any kind.

I was in my school room yesterday, and I was looking
at my bookcases and I saw this book The Ox-Cart Man,
by Donald Hall

One of the pages reads, "He packed a bag of wool
he sheared from the sheep in April. He packed a shawl his wife wove
on a loom from yarn spun at the spinning wheel
from sheep sheared in April.
He packed five pairs of mittens his daughter knit
from yarn spun at the spinning wheel,
from sheep sheared in April.
He packed candles the family made
He packed linen made from flax they grew
He packed shingles he split himself.
He packed birch brooms his son carved
with a borrowed knife."
As I read through the pages, I thought,
"This is how I would love to live the rest
of my life, just working on a farm."
I should have taken a picture the
other day, but I was so busy watching I forgot.
My daughter-in -love was spinning with her
spinning wheel while the boys played in the back
yard and you know those times when life
is very, very good? It was one of those times. The
air was perfect the sun was warm and the babies
were all around our feet.
I see why in the hustle and bustle of life, there is
always the longing for simplicity.
Aw, well for me it is not this day. :) Have a great


Meg said...

It was SO nice to just sit and spin. I haven't done it in so long - it's hard to with little hands around all the time. But watching them run around and play while I got to play with fiber was so relaxing. I remembered why I love spinning almost as much as knitting. :) I hope it's nice enough to bring my wheel next week too.

Farm Girl said...

I hope so too, then I can get a picture. I have thought about it all week, it made my brain rest watching you.