Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Chick Update

I thought it was time to have a chick update. They
are not chicks anymore but pullets. This one in
the picture is the Silver Wyndotte. She is by far
the most gentle chicken I have ever known. Standing
next to her is the white Silkie, sex unknown. I stare
and stare, and compare to my Silkie hen but I have
to wait until it either lays a egg or crows.

I decided that I had enough of putting them in my garage
bathroom at night and last night was the first night in
the hen house. My husband and I rigged up a heat lamp
and I left them outside. I don't know how many times
I got up during the night to check on them but I did.
Even with my mantra of " They are just chickens." Every
time I got up they were snuggled together under the lamp,
and I think I disturbed them. I was so aware of skunks,
it was so hard.

I had to boot these guys out of their house so I
could put my chicks/pullets somewhere so they
were moved into the least favorite chicken coop.
They aren't happy about it, but I remain unmoved.
What you are looking at is the dumbest bunch of chickens
ever. The dark brown ones are a Silkie/Mille Fleur cross.
I let my little hens sit because I had never had chicks
before. What a mistake. I didn't fool with them because
of the hens so now they are so wild they are insane. I
keep threatening to catch them and hold them until
they get used to being petted, but that means I would have
to like them and I don't. I think I have spent to much time
out with the chickens today. There are some days,
I feel just like Fern. (Charlotte's Web)
Have a great Tuesday!


Kessie said...

The only way I could ever tame my wild chickens was when they would get hurt or sick. Then I'd have to handle them so much while I was caring for them that they'd tame right down. Chuck them all in with the big chickens, and you'll be nursing their injuries reaaaaallly soon.

Meg said...

Haha I'm glad you did a chicken post. They all crack me up and make me smile. I'm glad you chucked them in with the big chickens. Now you don't have to worry about cleaning the little cages anymore.

Anonymous said...

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Farm Girl said...

Yeah, I am wondering what I am going to do with the storm coming. If I will just let them be outside or will I just decide to bring them in. I am such a chicken enabler. :)

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
I am sitting her just enjoying reading of your chicken , and chicken coop adventure.
The chicks have transformed into pullets, ever so fast.
I am so glad to have found someone who loves chickens as much as I do.LOL
You and I both have got such a fascination with chicks, do you think they know it, and love playing mind game with us.LOL
Enjoyed your last post also. I love to read, but have found that since I discovered the computer with internet, that it is taking a lot of my time.The book you talked about really seems like a great read.
Something I have found lately, and that is the older I get the longer it takes me to get anything done. LOL Did I just confess to being old?lol