Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walking Around

My daughter needed to go take photographs so she
could submit them for her final grade in her
Photography class. I am always
amazed at what you see from the camera lens.
I took my camera just so I could take pictures while
she took pictures. :)
We have an old park down in the oldest part of our town.
I have always loved this park but then so do the unsavory
people so I quit visiting it. The redevelopment agency came
in and redid the park and I think they did a really good job.
I love the bridge and how they changed an old canal into a
very nice river.
I was so worried about the cork oak trees that grow here.
They have survived and look so pretty.

Last summer when we were here the trees had been
without water but they look okay now. I love the bark.

I just love touching the bark, and it doesn't feel
like regular bark, but feels lighter and like
it would just come off.
One of the things we noticed as we were going around
downtown was in the cement in the gutter of a very
old section of town, (my daughter was taking pictures
of the old Woolworths building.) There were foot prints
of a dog, now how old the dog was when it walked in the
cement who knows but it was a nice thing to notice.
It was a good day, and I love my town.


Sue said...

Good Morning Kim,
Enjoyed this walk at your park with you. We have had the same situation in our town with several of our parks. I don't believe I have ever seen a cork oak before today. Very unusual. I am glad you enjoyed this outing with your daughter.

Well, I have a busy day picking and making strawberry jam, hope to post tonight.
We have been so busy planting our garden.That time of the year. lol.We are having the weirdest weather. real cold for two days and then a heat wave coming.I hope spring makes up her mind real soon as to whether she wants to stay or not. lol
Enjoy your day.

Farm Girl said...

You are always so busy Sue! I really enjoy hearing what you have been up to, we have had the same weather it sounds like as you, today is our cold day, it has been hot Monday and Tuesday and now we are back to coat weather. It sounds like you have a jump on me with your garden in, I know I have ripe strawberries, I just haven't done anything with them but stand and eat them. :)
I look forward to reading your next post. Thanks for stopping by, you always make my day.

Moonpie primitives said...

Sounds like you had a great day... I'm sure it was even more fun because you could spend it with your daughter... I'm hoping today is just as good,Nancy

Farm Girl said...

Thanks Nancy, it will be, I will have all five of my grandchildren today. :) No sewing today. :)

Jennifer said...

What a lovely day! I'm sure your daughter felt blessed by you taking the time to help her.

Dog Trot Farm said...

How special to spend the day with your daughter. A Cork Oak, I have not heard or seen one of these before. Very interesting bark and a very pretty park.

Anonymous said...

Love the covered bridge and trees. That bark is really interesting. I don't recall ever seeing bark like that before. Awesome pictures!!!

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