Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready to Plant

Finally after months and it seems, the field of dreams
is all clean. Weed free, and now I can start with seeds.
I don't think I have ever worked so hard and so long,
chopping weeds. I thought and thought about a easy
way to get it done, I did resort to having the boys come
out and use a weed eater on part of it. But I think it looks
best with them just hula-hoed out, they don't grow
back as fast.
In April during normal years, we won't get any more rain
but this year we have had more rain in April than we get
from November to February. I still have a few weeks before
it gets critical about having my seeds planted. I was going
to do it today but the irrigation store was out of the a part
that we need to hook up our drip lines. They said,
the part will be in Monday so it will have to be next weekend.
We are supposed to get more rain and more wind and cold this
next week too. This cold front coming in from the Gulf of Alaska.

I need to put my chicks in their house but it still is to cold at night.
I don't think I have ever had to wait like this, because 12 years ago
when we had our last El Nino I lived in town and my kids were smaller
and I just had a house and a lots smaller yard.

I love Sundays, but should stop writing now as my dog is whining,
wanting to go for her run. Enjoy your day!!


Sue said...

Good Sunday Morning Kim,
First I want to tell you how blessed I was to read your Saturday post. Especially the poem and prayer.
I related so much to your feeling of not being pretty, though I have seen your picture and I think you are beautiful.
I too felt the same way, and determined at a very young age to compensate by being nice too. When I became a Christian,and began to grow in the knowledge of Christ and who I was in Him, those insecurities began to wane because of knowing Him that He loves me no matter what. Great posting!!! just keep writing you inspire me to grow.

My! what a beautiful field, and I know you, like me are so anxious to get to planting, harvesting and preserving those wonderful fruits and vegetables. The work has just begun for us both. lol but a good kind of tired. lol
Just think in a few months those little chicks will be laying rich tasting eggs for you.
Enjoy your day.

Kessie said...

Aw man, no planting this weekend, either! I suppose it's just as well, what with the cold front coming in.

I planted the hollyhock seeds you gave me, and the sprouts were immediately eaten by snails. I don't know what to do about this.

Meg said...

Ugh. I keep waiting to replant my green beans but it's been so cold. I brought all my tomatoes and peppers inside since they're still in small containers. I can't believe how cold it's been! I'm waiting for warm weather to plant the rest of my garden. Also, waiting to get some hanging planters so I don't have to worry about cats getting into my plants anymore...

Kess, you'll probably have to get some snail killer and start over. We're having a snail invasion in our front planter. =\

Kessie said...

Meg: I'm thinking of surrounding my planters with piles of salt. I don't want to put it in my planters because it'll kill my plants. Stupid snails. We have thousands of them.