Monday, February 1, 2010

Rosemary Rolls

I made rosemary rolls to have with dinner. I
was browsing the Pioneer Woman's blog and there
on her page were these yummy looking rolls. (Hers
are way prettier, and more mouth-watering.)
I decided that I would do them too, forgetting
they use a ton of butter. The inner Weight
Watcher in me just cringes. I have rosemary
growing in my garden so I went out and got some
The thing that blew my mind about these rolls, was
the salt that you put on the top of them before they bake.
I would not have done that but I make myself make a recipe
just the way it says the first time I cook it.
The salt adds the magic flavor. The other thing
that I love about this bread is that you make it
in a iron skillet. I just looks so much yummier
in a iron skillet coming to the dinner table with
the butter sizzling fresh from the oven.

The Pioneer Woman says that the first time she had them she just
wanted the rolls and forget the entree. This is so
true, tonight we had BBQ chicken I had marinated
all day in Caribbean Jerk, and spinach salad with
mandarin oranges and my husband wanted Rice-
A-Roni. Something we haven't had in ages.
But you really just want to sit and eat the rolls.

So if you want a really good recipe for rolls, try:
Her website really is worth the time. It is just beautiful
and her photography and her recipes are incredible.

Happy Monday!


Meg said...

Those were seriously some of the best rolls I've ever had. I'm really going to have to try making them myself.

Together We Save said...

These rolls look yummy.

Kessie said...

I've made them three times in the last week, and we've demolished them every time. They're also fantastic cut in half, toasted, and made into a sandwich with a fried egg inside.