Sunday, February 28, 2010

Benificial Weeds

One of my secret desires has always been to be
a "herbalist." I have always been interested in
things we consider weeds that other people, in
other cultures consider gold.
Take for instance this little bit of gold that grows
almost everywhere. While not native to the America.
It has taken over. It was brought here by the Pilgrims
as a good source of Vitamin A and C.
My Herb book says, " The flowers are made into wine,
the buds are pickled, and the leaves, rich in vitamins A
and C and minerals, are eaten in salads.
The leaves are a powerful diuretic, treating urinary disorders
and fluid retention without depleting body potassium. They detoxify
the blood, so are given for acne and eczema. The white sap
treats warts and corns. The root reduces inflammation and
is an important liver stimulant used for jaundice, gallstones,
and rheumatic joints. The roots yield a magenta dye."

They are the first flower that we see in the spring, well here
in California. I have been known to make a tonic of this with
carrots and apples, just for a bit of energy.
I was going to talk about another magic herb,

But I will save it for next week. Nettles are even
better than dandelion. Remember the rhyme from,
Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter? "Hitty Pitty will
bite you. That is about the amazing weed,
I hope you have a restful Sunday.


Meg said...

Magenta dye, eh? Maybe I could use the roots for yarn dyeing.

Farm Girl said...

Hey, I wondered that too. I keep reading how all of these, "hookers," use a old crock-pot to dye their wools to fit whatever project they are working on and as I was writing out that it made magenta I thought the same thing.

Kessie said...

Makes me want to pick some dandelion and try them out. After all, I can eat anything with enough dressing on it. :-)

The dandelion pic looks funny, because it's a flower surrounded by clover. :-)

Farm Girl said...

I know since tomorrow is March, I thought it was a good way to start March. I am so glad that you guys are safe.

Jennifer said...

I think you should go for the Herbalist! Clayton College of Natural Health has an online degree! When I have time and money, I want to pursue a degree from there : ) Thank you for the sweet invitation to your home to come see you and the girls. I would love to. I have BSF on Wednesday until May, but I would LOVE to come visit after BSF is over. It would be great to see you all.