Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simply Sunday

It is simply Sunday. A day of rest. When I wake
up on Sunday morning, my first thought is, "Oh
Yay, it's Sunday. I love Sunday mornings.
We have entered the Lenten season. I think for
a Christian should be one we celebrate more than
Christmas. The last 40 days before the death, burial
and Resurrection, of Jesus.
I always think it should be when for 40 days we read
the gospels. I heard it said once, that if your walk is
feeling cold, read the gospels and you will fall in love, with
Jesus all over again.
I know sometimes I get so caught up in trying to live the
Christian life, I forget who I am doing it for.
I ran across this little blurb this morning.
'The obedient heart is the heart that will learn,
the heart that is ready to change, the heart that doesn't take its cues from
everything the world is saying but is ready to line
that up with the Word of God."

"The Word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so
you may obey it."
(Deuteronomy 30:14)

I have never read that verse before. That is why after 20 + years
of being a Christian, I still think it must be a daily thing of memorizing
scripture, because there are times and situations where you don't have
a Bible in your hand and ever so quietly, you hear the voice of God
telling you the direction to walk.
I have lived in the world and out of the world, and I have tasted all
that Satan has to offer, and hands down, God and His word, and having
a relationship with Him is so much better. Have a lovely Sunday.

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