Friday, February 5, 2010

Rainy Day

One of my kids must have got on the roof and
took this picture. I know I didn't because I try
and give the illusion I live in the country and really
I live in the middle of a oil field. So what you see
are the refinery's and gas plants and all kinds of
industrial things.

Maybe that is why I am currently in love with this
movie. North and South

It is all about industrial England in the 1850s and
the cotton mills. I could watch this over and over.
It rates up there with Bleak House in the costume
design as well as the choice of actors they chose
for the movie. Next to Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell's
is another of my favorite authors.
Elizabeth Gaskell
She was also a serial writer who wrote as Dickens
wrote and she wrote for his magazine. I have
had a hard time tracking down her books but
due to popularity and the BBC they are getting
easier to find, though in our library system they have
one book of North and South.
The music is haunting and very well produced.
Though it was not ever released as a CD.
It is a excellent movie to curl up with and watch
on a rainy day.

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