Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flowers on the Brain

I just can't seem to leave flowers alone right now.
I just want to take pictures of them and play in the
dirt and just be outside.
I let the chickens outside today. They were very happy
to be strolling around the back yard. Except for this white
Silkie who just wants to be left alone,

I had already stolen her eggs so there is nothing
to be sitting on and I got rid of the rooster so there
really is nothing at all for her to be doing in the nest.
I know why they are such good mothers because she
really does like being a mother.
When I get chicks in the spring I am going to get some
more silkies and I want a rooster so we will see if I do.

Today when I was outside with the chickens they must
have been lonely because they just wanted to hang around
and visit.

It is okay for now as hardly anyone goes out in the
back yard but they just want to come up to the back
door and look in. They just never learned that they
are chickens and not dogs.
I do love chickens, and I do love flowers. I guess I am just
a farm girl at heart. :)


Meg said...

Haha your chickens crack me up. I love how they think they are part of the family and how they just roam your yard. I can't wait to get chickens of our own.

Kessie said...

Look at all those bratty chickens up there on the porch! At least none of them are looking for fights, like your rooster did.

Hey, I made a family blog! http://carrollsallyear.blogspot.com/

Farm Girl said...

hey cool, will go check it out.
Yes, what will they think when I get new chicks. I wonder if their feelings will be hurt.

Jennifer said...

Hi Kim! Great to hear from you and you have a beautiful blog : ) I'll be catching up on your family this week. That makes me happy! How is Emily?

Farm Girl said...

Emilie is great and loving B.C. I am so glad I found your blog and I got to see pictures of all of your babies. You look gorgeous and so do all of your family. Good Job,