Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of Wishes

Right now in my yard, it is filled with wishes. This is a
wishing plant, other wise known as dandelions. When
I am out walking with our grand sons, we stop and
pick them and I tell them to make wishes. (Even at
two, they think gama is sort of odd. )

I want to tell you about this amazing plant. I am living
on the land that was my grandparents. We lived next
door to them and a horse pasture was between our houses.
In this magic horse pasture, not only did my horses
live there sometimes but there is still a huge old tree
that was a tree house for me. Then one for our kids
and soon one for our grand kids. This land is filled
with a ghost of me walking through it all of the time
and sometimes I even meet her.

When I was 7 my
Dad and my uncle were using a piece
of farm equipment the wrong way and being a old Ford
tractor without a roll bar the tractor turned over. My brother
was two. My brother was holding onto the steering wheel because
we were facing my dad on the hood of the tractor. My Dad was able
to grab me and throw me so far and I landed on my head,
but my brother was holding on so tightly. The tractor went over
and pinned my Dad and my brother underneath it. It must
of knocked me out because I remember waking up with my Dad
screaming for someone to save his baby.

My Mom came running out the door and yelled for me to run
get Papa. Which I couldn't understand why my legs wouldn't work
and why I had wet my pants.
My uncle lifted the tractor off and they were able to get my Dad
and brother out and to the hospital. My Dad's arm was crushed and
my brothers neck was broke and he was paralyzed.

I remember walking out in the pasture and I had heard somewhere
that if you picked a dandelion and wished real hard your wish would
come true. So I sat out there in the pasture and I wished on every one
I could find.
Guess what, my Dad got better, my brother walked again, and even
if you don't think much about those kind of wishes, well, I wished
for a color T.V. because it was really huge and I really wanted
watch The Wonderful World of Disney in color so I wished for
that too.
We got that and I remembered all of those wishes that came true.

We built a house in that pasture, so I still have all of the wishes in my yard.
When my grandsons were born and they were only 1 pound little guys, I
went out and wished on every one I could find. Guess what,
They are almost 3.
So go out in your yard, and find some wishes and make some.

Really, I know its God, and He is so good and hears every prayer
but, just wish today.

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