Saturday, February 6, 2010

Irises in the Morning

This is a cheater picture, it is from last spring. Sorry,
It has been raining all day long and everything I might
have wandered around and looked at was sopping wet,
even the chickens. So I dug around and found this.
I thought it would make you long for spring like it has
I sewed to day but I really don't have anything to show
for it. I have always wanted to learn punch needle so today
was the day I sat and tried to do it. It looks okay, it is just
the picture on the box looks so much better. About the
only thing I can say for my work is at least I got the colors
Oh I did work out in my husbands shed cutting out wood
things I am going to paint next week. When I get those
finished I will post a picture.
Today was the first morning that I didn't post. I wanted to
see if it was possible for me to ignore blogging. I missed it
very much. Even though I knew I really didn't have much to
say that I thought anyone would want to read.
It really is amazing how much I care about this silly
blog. I read about ladies that have been doing this for
4 years and I wonder how they have done it so long.
But after today I understand. Blogging is like letting
your soul have a day out for a visit. It gets to get out for
a bit and discuss what has been going on and then there
are pictures too. Then after the post is over, the soul goes
back in and has to wait another day.
I don't know if that is how writers feel about the things
they give birth to on a piece of paper when they write
but if they do, then I sort of understand.


Kessie said...

I kept checking all day to see if you'd updated, and I was so disappointed each time to find that you hadn't.

Yes, that's how writing is. I haven't been able to write in so long, what with having small children, that I feel like a part of my brain is withering. Keeping a blog really helps keep that bit of me alive.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, I didn't know just how addicting it can be. I felt like part of me was missing all day. I am glad you have your blog that gives you a small outlet for creativity.
It is really important to the soul.

Meg said...

Yes! It's been so weird not posting the last few days, but we have a HUGE project that I'll be unveiling soon. I guess I've been saving up for that.

Those flowers are GORGEOUS. I can't wait for spring!

Farm Girl said...

I just had to buy some primroses today and I planted them in a pot that I can see out my kitchen window. We also bought 5 more blueberries, you cannot believe how mucky it was. Ron and I were up to the top of our shoes in mud.
So now I have 10 blueberry plants. only 90 more to go. :)