Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planting Bulbs and Peonys

I have been trying all week to plant the bulbs and
peony's I bought on Sunday, um was it Sunday?
It may have been Saturday, it has been too long
and too much of life has moseyed on by.
I have worked in my flowerbeds almost every day
except today of course because it was baby day.
On Wednesdays, I get to be a Gama and play and
hold babies and do a Bible Study with my girls.

You know that poem that goes, " Come grow old
with me for the best is yet to be?" Well it is very
true to have the comfort of a husband who has
put up with me almost 30 years, and now to have
grown and almost grown young people and now
with five grand children, it is so good.

That verse that says, We have planted and watered
but it is God who gives the increase. I am so aware
that with anything, flowers or people or anything
it is all dependent on the mercy and grace of God.

I am wandering all over the place in this post. I can
hear the wind chimes blowing out on the front porch,
which means the promised storm must almost be
here so It might be another day before I get my bulbs

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