Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Foggy Day

I am showing today a picture of a trip to the beach
that my husband and I went on with the kids.
Yep, that is me and my husband in the distance.
It is so foggy here today, and wet of course and cold
that I just had to post something with the sun in it.

I think of the people that have to go through another
blizzard and I am very thankful for the weather we
have today, I know that in California we will be having
spring soon. I drove by a bunch of pear trees yesterday
and they were in full white bloom.
Every day I watch the trees across the road and every
day the green gets darker. I noticed in my back
yard that the ash trees are getting fuzzy things.
No, I didn't get a picture because I didn't want to
go out in the fog.
All of those scary movies I have watched, go on
replay in my mind when I am outside in the fog.
I can be out there and I can hear things but there
is no depth perception.
It is Wednesday, and a baby day. I will post one tiny
picture I love.

This is our granddaughter, our only one so
far, she was helping gama, I am so very blessed
Have great Wednesday.


Jennifer said...

she's beautiful!

William said...

I love Holly, she's my favorite niece!