Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pictures From My Walk

I went out for a walk, well really, I went to feed
my chickens. As I walked under a tree by my back
gate I looked up, and there was this bird nest all
decorated with blooms. It must be a dove nest
because it looks like a bundle of sticks.

I thought to myself, it must be a very fancy dove
to want flowers to adorn her nest. I hope it is the kind
that looks pink to match her flowers.

As I was walking outside, I could hear the meadowlarks
singing in the pasture next door. I love meadowlarks and
listening to them in the morning and then again at night.

Before we had such a fox problem, there used to be a burrow
of burrowing owls. They are something to watch in the spring
because they do a little dance at twilight outside of their hole
then they make the saddest little cry at the end. I keep hoping
they will return.

I found some lettuce coming up in the garden. It was all I could do
to keep from eating it right there in the garden, maybe Saturday I
will pick it.

Then over by my bee hive I found a Fair Time
Peach tree starting to bloom.

We might get wind today when the new storm
blows in, so I hope the other blooms stay asleep until
all of the danger is past. In the fall I think fall is my
favorite time of year. But, I do love spring and all
of the smells and all of the trees and flowers coming alive around
me. For my friends in the snow, remember this, when
your spring comes, we will be having summer and spring
will be for me but a memory so I will get to enjoy your
pictures. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sue said...

Hi Kim,
I just savored the description of your walk, I so enjoy the sites and sounds here on the farm when I am outside, and just yesterday while sitting by the pond, I was thanking the Lord that I have the privilege to enjoy such blessings each and every day.
Your pictures are beautiful especially the flowers in the nest. We also have problems with fox, they really enjoy our guineas and chickens.
So envious of your lettuce, mine should be coming up shortly. Our weather has been warm for a few days , but the weatherman is calling for a dusting of snow tonight, this is a sure sign that spring will soon be here, up one day down the next. lol

I read your previous post, please tell your daughter and her friend what a beautiful job they did on their most "Perfectly Chocolate Cake." I have been craving something chocolate lately, and it didn't help with my craving to see it. lol.

Not to much going on here except I am still working in my kitchen,lol and would have had it finished but my dh asked me to go with him somewhere today and I just left everything and went. lol. We had a fun time.

Our ewes are still lambing, and so far everything is going well.
Well, I must go and see if I can find something chocolate, lol, have a blessed evening.

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Hi Kim,
My comment posted twice so I deleted one, so sorry. Sue