Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

On Wednesdays, our daughter and daughter-in-
love come over and we do a Bible study together.
since there at 3 almost 3 year old's and 2 babies,
it gets pretty wild. I laughed so much at the piano,
with all of the Lego's I just had to take a picture.
They were so carefully placed on the keys.
It still makes me smile.
So I bet you can guess what I am thankful for today.
Yep, you guessed it all five of them. I sometimes
want to fall down on my knees right in the midst of
every thing and sing praises to God, that God would
give me, of all people 5 precious grandchildren.
I have the loveliest young women that want to hang
out with me on Wednesdays, so on Thankful Thursday,
I am so thankful for that.
Sometimes, I can look back at my life and really, I was such a
mess, before Jesus. Before my husband and I got married
we did go to marriage counseling. After our six sessions were
up, the sweet pastor looks at us with this sad face shaking his head, and said
" You know, I shouldn't marry you I really don't give you six
months. You both have so many problems. But I feel that that
the Lord is leading me to marry you anyway." We did have problems. You
know that verse that says, " Nothing is Impossible with God?
Well, that has been our marriage, in April we will be married
30 years, if anyone could make mistakes I did. I also prayed
in Roman 8:28 that God works all things out to those
who love Him and are called according to his purpose? Well, I sort
of took that to mean that He would turn my mistakes around
for His glory. He has.
So now I still want to pinch myself because of God's goodness
to me.
I only have a few things at the time I knew to ask God for when
I got married the first thing I asked was that I would do only good
and not evil to my husband and he would be able to speak within
the gates and that my children would rise up and call me blessed.
That I would be a woman who built her house and did not
tear it down with her own hands.
I am thankful that God answers prayers and I am thankful
God never gave me what I deserved.
Great is His mercy and it endures forever. Have a
wonderful Thursday.


Meg said...

It's so weird hearing you talk about how rocky you and dad were in the "early days". When Ben and I got together I always saw you two and thought you had the best marriage.

I LOVE coming over on Wednesdays. It's my favorite day of the week. Last week was so long not having the break in between. I love getting to just sit and hang out with you. :)

Farm Girl said...

You are so sweet! I take it as a very high compliment coming from someone who has lived in my house while planning weddings. :)We have always had fun that is for sure. :0