Monday, January 18, 2010

Storm part 2

This morning, I was sitting with a cup of coffee, looking
out the window, and all was still.
Then I noticed off to my right in the neighborhoods, some
people had a banana tree blowing back and forth, I thought
how odd, but then as I sat there I noticed the pepper tree in
my front yard begin to move, then the ceders and then
every so slowly, the wind chimes started a faint
note played over and over. Then I noticed this:

You can't really see it too well but the tumbleweeds
have began their march across the field in front of my
house. Thousands of tumbleweeds by the days end.
They are the bain of my life. They scatter the seeds
and I work to cut the thousands that will grow if
I wasn't diligent.
The wind is really coming up.I had to go out and put heavy
things in front of the gates so the dogs don't get out
and as I was checking my chickens they were all so
afraid. That is when I wish I knew chicken language.

So today what we have in store is storm part 2
I love storms!


Kessie said...

Haha, I wondered if the tumbleweeds would start coming! I went outside to check the wind, and it was coming from the east, and I went, "Darn it! Tumbleweeds for Mom!"

Farm Girl said...

Yep, but what can you do, Jennifer's palm trees are blowing palm tree stuff too. The one thing I like about that is the roar they make.