Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for a sunny day!!! The fog was only on the ground
this morning. The weather forecast is saying that we
might get 10 days of rain. I am really happy about
that too. It is just that today, I am so happy for
the sun.
I am finding as I age, I want to spend more time in
the past. I don't know why, because it really wasn't
that good. I am forever telling the kids, the 60s
were junk. The 70s were not much better, I mean
what the heck was the Age of Aquarius? and Hair??
I was 12 years old and I wanted so much to be a hippy.
But, I lived next door to my grandparents, so they would
make me come over and watch Lawrence Welk, on Saturday nights. My
grandparents wanted me to look like the Lennon Sisters.
So anyway I digress,
Here is a poem I found that makes me remember
to stay in this day.

I was regretting the past
and fearing the future....
Suddenly my Lord was speaking;
"MY NAME IS I Am" He paused.
I waited. He continued.

" When you live in the past,
with its mistakes and regrets,
It is hard, I am not there,
My name is not I was."

" When you live in the future.
with its problems and fears,
It is hard. I am not there.
My name is not I will be."

"When you live in the moment,
It is not hard.
I am here.
----Helen Mallicoat---
Have a great Thursday!!


Kessie said...

I think it must just be what happens as you age. Remember this one from Fellowship of the Ring (the book)?

I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen,
of meadow-flowers and butterflies in summers that have been;
Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were,
with morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair.
I sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be
when winter comes without a spring that I shall ever see.

For still there are so many things that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring there is a different green.
I sit beside the fire and think of people long ago,
and people who will see a world that I shall never know.
But all the while I sit and think of times there were before,
I listen for returning feet and voices at the door.

Farm Girl said...

Wow, now that makes me want to sit and cry, but it says it really good. I think that is what always bothers me so much are the echos of the past, and the sounds of people that only I can hear. To look around and remember how it looked a long time ago. Thanks for posting that. Have a nice day, it seems like it will be warm today.