Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back on Line

Yesterday was a long day for my poor, System
Administrator/ husband. He did it though and today
I am up and running. I am so impressed. I have this computer
now that is all zippy again. I have room again on
my hard drive, and I don't spend hours doing something
else while my computer loads a page. Though I
did get lots of work accomplished between pages.

My son came in while I was out, and cleaned the keyboard,
but also took pictures of my desk top. I thought they
were great pictures so I decided to publish them today.
I have lots to get accomplished today so today is a
short post.

We cleaned up after all of the storms from earlier
in the week. Hauled 4 trash cans of tumbleweeds
out to the road for the trash man. So many tumbleweeds
and trash.
Today is another sunny day!
Happy Sunday!


Meg said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're up and running again. I was sitting here yesterday thinking "What am I going to do if mom doesn't post for awhile??"

Anonymous said...

That close-up picture of the keyboard is several kinds of gross. I meant to do a before and after, but I guess I forgot the after. It's nice to see your computer functioning again!

Kessie said...

Hooray! I was hoping you'd get your computer back! Three cheers for Dad!

Too bad you couldn't just burn the tumbleweeds. That's always fun.

Meg said...

Oh yay! You got the picture links working! How cool. :D