Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Tree Trimming

Here is a picture of one of the trees that is in need of a trim.
I wanted so bad for the red of the branches to turn out. Lets
see if I can do a close up.

There, see how red the branches are? This is from a peach tree.
I never knew that the new branches that will have fruit on them
this year are the ones that are pretty and fresh looking.
That is why you don't trim these off, like I would do if I was
the tree trimmer. I am of the hack and chop kind of gardening
person. You should see the look on my poor husbands face
after I get finished with my rose bushes. Yep, stubs.

But because it looks like this,

It is going to be awhile before I go outside. Maybe a fire
and another cup of coffee, and a little bit of hooking.
I love Saturdays!!

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