Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storm day 4

Today is Thankful Thursday. So I am sitting
here trying to have a thankful heart. I feel
like drumming my fingers on my desk and saying,
"I know I am thankful for something, but what is

I am thankful I am in the house and not outside,
in the wind that threatens to blow away the house
and all of the trees. The wind is howling and the
trees are roaring like the surf in rough seas.

I am glad that our power hasn't went out and
I can still have a warm house, hot coffee, and
my washer and dryer can plug away all day
so we can have clean clothes to wear.

I am thankful I have school to teach today, and
we have the choice of starting a fire in the fireplace,
and sitting around it and the boys can do their school
in my living room and not at school, in the wind and
cold like my older two will do today.

So when I do think about it and don't have a bad
attitude I can be thankful. Because after all
the only person I can change is myself.

Have a great stormy day today.


Kessie said...

I'm having a grouch day today because of screaming babies for way too long. So I'm thankful for the rain, and our apartment that is snug and warm, and that my family is not sick, and we have enough food for now.

Farm Girl said...

I know just the simple act of writing down what you are thankful for helps the grumpies go away.
I am praying for you, because you have the hardest job in the whole wide world.