Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finished Borders

I finished the borders yesterday. Now the batting
and the backing and then the quilting. Then I can
finally hang it. It was amazing how different my mind
was since the last time I worked on it. I was finally able
to think clearly and making flying geese wasn't
as hard as I thought. I am still only using material
from my quilt stash. I have material from two women
that were cleaning out their room and just wanted to
get rid of the boxes of bits and pieces leftover from
their old projects. I decided I would just use all of this stuff
up before I went and bought anything.

The funny thing about using other peoples stuff is it might not
be colors or patterns that I would ever use but because I don't
remember buying it it is always a little surprise when I find
stuff going through the boxes.

I just don't have a cohesive feel to my quilts but that is okay.
I have some old quilt tops from my husbands families and they
just used what they had. I am going to do the same thing.
I have so much stuff that I need to get rid of or use up or
give away. I have been convicted of what a hoarder I am.
I mean really, when was the last time you saw a U Haul at
a funeral?
Happy Saturday!


Janean said...

using stash fabric is at the heart of our country's original quilt makers! yay!

Janean said...

forgot to add on my comment that i got your comment and i'd adore any tips, advice or wisdom on beekeeping.

guess we're most afraid of the sting and bees being a nuisance to any neighbors though our instructor suggested giving them a gift of honey to sweeten the deal *wink*

Kessie said...

I like how the quilt is coming! It's all asymmetrical and different bright colors, which is how I would do quilts. All funky and interesting. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Well you know me, that is just how I am always asymmetrical.Glad you liked it, you will see it on the wall soon. :)