Friday, January 29, 2010

Sewing Friday

Here is my quilt I thought I would have finished by
Thanksgiving. Never knowing that I would be making
a quick trip to Oklahoma or any of the other things
that took place in my life, but here it is so close to being
finished. So I decided that it was time for Sewing Fridays
to begin again. I only have the three flying geese borders
to finish and then the quilting part. Since I prefer hand
quilting to machine quilting I will just sit in the evenings
and hand quilt. The reason being
as I had a spring quilt that I want finished by March.
I started it last summer but didn't get very far as it is on
the complete edge of my skill. I have to look up terms
on Google because I just don't know what some of them are.
Here is a picture of this lovely quilt.

I have the sun block finished and I am almost finished
with the house and tree block. I love quilts with checker
board edges and It has every shape I love. It is just
doing one huge block at a time is very different for me
because I am just a Elinor Burns Quilt in a Day kind
of quilter. Give me ruler and a rotary cutter I am good
to go, cutting every thing in to strips.
So this is the plan which maybe changed if it is as sunny
tomorrow as it was today, I may hang out with the chickens and
trim raspberry bushes. The dirt is perfect for pulling weeds.
I made sugar water today for the bees and when I went out
to check them this evening they had drank a bunch so I know
they are okay too. Life is good.
I love Fridays!


Meg said...

Haha I love the pineapple! (It is a pineapple, right? lol!) I'm so glad you're getting back to Sewing Fridays. It's good for the soul. :)

Farm Girl said...

Yes, its a pineapple!! yep, I read that in your schedule post and I remembered that was something I had enjoyed a long time ago it seems.
So with it foggy outside I thought it would be a good day. Only, it has been so long, I am having to dig to find my stuff. It has been to long.