Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Sunflowers

I was out walking and I could see this green,
I thought what on earth? As I got closer I could see
so many sunflowers coming up volunteer. I thought,
I will just have my husband plow them all under and
replant because they are just growing willy-nilly.
Then as I was thinking, since my goal was for sunflower
honey, why don't I just let them keep growing and there
will be food for bees to eat when it gets warm enough for the
bees to work.

This is how it looks from standing in the pasture,
looking across the field. So many sunflowers. I have
always dreamed of a field of sunflowers, if I am not
careful I could get my wish.


Kessie said...

Sunflowers and soooo many weeds! There's a jillion of them in that one closeup shot. Although I suppose you can let them all grow together and plow them all when they're all done.

I think this will be a short winter. Rocky's already starting to molt his winter feathers.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah me too, it just seems like it will be here and done with, like the little tree I saw with new leaves. Freaked me out let me tell you.