Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Chickens

This is one of my favorite hens. She is a New Jersey Giant.
She has all of her new feathers in and I think she is just
beautiful. She is so gentle and kind, that I think
in the spring I will get some more chicks like her.
She lays a egg almost every day.
That is one of the things I have liked about raising chickens from
chicks, the ones that I raised want to come and hang out with me.

This group on the other hand stay far away. I had to chase them all over the yard
just to get this picture, I even put out food, but they didn't like the camera. I am
glad I did raise chicks with eggs the hens hatched. I think though I like getting
them from the feed store or the best way is to order them and pick
them up at the post office. That is my favorite. I love getting chicks in the
mail. Now that I think about it, it is nice getting bees that way too.

It is a baby day today, so I need to get off of the computer.
Happy Wednesday!!

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