Friday, January 22, 2010

I Can See The Sun.

It is still raining but I can see the clouds breaking
up and I can see that we still do have a sun.
I feel like such a wimp. I really don't know how
people live that have really cold and really wet
weather. It must be so hard to steel themselves
to winter. I am glad my forefathers
decided that California Was the place to be, and loaded
up the car and came to... Bakersfield??? :)
I read a nice blurb yesterday that the city
manager was having to cut so much of the city
budget because California was broke, but he wasn't
too worried because the people here have lived though
the depression and knew how to live without
handouts. I really liked that.

I am surprised at how over the moon happy I am
since I had to stop living like a spoiled queen and
have had to live with what I have in my hands.
I think we eat better, because I had to go back to cooking
from scratch. I use up what I have instead of going and buying
more and being dissatisfied with what I had purchased.

I like simple.
I really do enjoy going to the library and having Netflix. Instead
of going to the show. I even enjoy canning and having
a garden. I am still using the stuff I canned in the summer
and I am looking forward to doing that again.

I think for me God has done me a favor, by giving
me less, He has given me just what I need for
each day and I have not at one time gone
without if there was something I needed.
I think I am simply happier and more content
and more thankful today than I was say five years
ago. I believe with my whole heart less is more.
Happy Friday!!!


Kessie said...

You know, I'm content with my level of "stuff", too. I have tons of beans I need to cook, so I've sworn that I'll learn how to cook good beans. I got a recipe for Cracker Barrel Ranchero Beans, and they're really easy and tasty. It's just bacon, beans, garlic, and onions. And you eat them with sweet relish on top.

It's cool that Bakersfield knows how to tighten its belt. It's actually kind of fun, because it makes you be creative.

Meg said...

Simple is so nice! I think it's from years of living in a house that was filled to the brim with so much junk that never, ever got used. I like how Ben and I seem to have just what we need. It makes life so much easier. :)

Farm Girl said...

Yeah I remember seeing a book called something like When bad times were not so bad and it was all about the things people learned to do and live without in the depression. I also think that is why those ladies learned how to cook really good. I could learn so much living by their example.
I am reminded how much junk I have everytime I go to start a new project and I already have the supplies... Ouch.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I was just telling Aubrie about how you and I had our can of some odd thing in the cupboard just in case we ran out of everything else.
Was it canned venison or canned Salmon? I don't remember now but I know we used to laugh about it and refuse to throw it out "just in case". LOL