Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Storms Coming

The one thing about living in California, and in Bako, this doesn't mean
much. It means, we might possibly get a drop or two
of rain. Other places this might mean, thunder,
lightning, 10 inches of rain in 15 minutes.

The one thing is that it is clear and you can see the mountains.
Someone told me that they had moved here from someplace
else and got up one morning and saw the mountains.
They had no clue that we even had mountains you could see.
That is how hazy or foggy, or dusty it is depending on the season.

I was looking through a old book I came across yesterday, and it
had songs written down in it from the Yocut Indians. They were the Indians
that lived here originally. I kid you not they had a song to the dust storms.

The book was a old book called Stories Along the Kern. It had songs from the Yocuts,
and stories about Father Garces, and I think about him every time
I drive by him living in his little house on the circle. I just have
to stop next time and get a picture. It just makes me laugh.

You will have to forgive me for a bit, I found pictures of the grave yard,
my husbands family is buried in, in Texas and it clicks the switch on in
the brain for local history and stuff and old stories of long ago. So I start
digging into my old history books and that is all I can think about.

My poor husband gets talked to sleep at night by me telling him about
treasure that is buried and old gold mines and places like Robbers Roost.
He told me this morning though how good he slept last night. I used to talk
him to sleep all the time. I never do now.

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