Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold Winter Sky

I loved the sky, this evening. I was out walking and the sun was setting.
It has been so cold, but I just seem to go crazy if I can go outside and walk in it for just a bit
each day. When I was a girl, I would get home from school and I would run in the house after I got off the bus, throw my books down and run for the horse pen. I would grab my horse and we would go for a ride out in the cold and I would stay outside until it was too dark to see. I would be so cold by the time I got back in the house after feeding and cleaning my horses, it would take me hours to finally warm up. I loved being out in the gray days of January when it was foggy and oh so cold. I still find that it makes me so happy to be outside walking and watching the the sun set on this cold day.
I am so thankful for days that make me thankful for a nice warm house, for food to eat and the sun that reminds me of dreams to come. Like gardening in the spring.


Kessie said...

Getting outside does help so much when you're stuck inside during the winter. Imagine if we lived somewhere cold! I think we'd all die of spring fever.

Farm Girl said...

I just can't imagine living in snow and not even seeing the sun until June!!! I know we will have warm days in Feb. I always feel like such a wimp.
Have a good day!! I am praying for you. :)

an encourager said...

I know what you mean... there's just something about wind blowing in your face. However, my wind comes from riding one of my bikes or tootling around on my scooter. :)

Farm Girl said...

No matter what, it feels good to have the wind blowing away all of the cobwebs. :)