Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Odds and Ends

I finally finished up these pillows I have been working
on, it seems like forever and there isn't that
much work in them. I got the pattern from
currently favorite, favorite magazine.

Create and Decorate. It is bi-monthly and I wish
I had time to do every single project. They have
so many things and different mediums to use.
I have been out of the crafting world for so many
years it is nice to get my feet wet again.
Speaking of wet feet.

This was my flowerbed yesterday afternoon.
The back yard looks like a swamp and there
was so much water coming down it filled my flowerbed
up and it finally overflowed.
We have storm number 3 coming today. They haven't
got old yet. I am afraid I won't be as happy when
I am trying to hula-hoe all of the weeds.
Have a great Tuesday!


Meg said...

Oh how cute! Yesterday was a perfect day for crafting. I'm so glad we're getting more rain today!

Kessie said...

Wow, if it rains that much today, try to get a picture! We went for a walk and got home just as the rain was moving in. I think we timed it just right. We could see the dark clouds moving in from the west.

Farm Girl said...

It is raining now but not with the same force as yesterday.

Farm Girl said...

Now it is now it is quite a storm.