Friday, January 15, 2010

Odds and Ends Friday

This is a trip we took with our family. In the summer.
Remember what if felt like to be hot? I don't that is why
I posted a picture of summer so you can remember,
yes, summer will come again. :)

I have lots to do today. One of my favorite bloggers,
said that you can find wool for her latest project at
Johann's so I am going down to see if I can find
some. Her latest project is here. (The Pickled Pepper Patch
see side bar.)
That has been my biggest problem is finding wool.
I also need a trip to the Library.
I am sort of like a drug addict when it comes to books
my world is just a bit better if I have a stack waiting
to be read. Since it forecasts lots of rain, I need to have
a stack of books handy.

Then a grocery store trip. I know one is needed, when
I am out of everything and I don't have anything to
fix for my husbands lunch. I felt bad about that,
but he isn't in a place to warm up the chicken pot
pie I fixed for dinner last night.

Then I might go visit a few stores that have used
junk in them. I need a couple of chairs for my office.
but I do not want to spend more that five dollars.
Really it is just a information gathering trip.
I don't want to spend money so I just go look
at lots of stuff.

But it's Friday and it is like a magic carpet today.
I do love Fridays!

I had to add to this post, go check out Hooked on Houses
in the side bar, she has a P.S. to the house named
Serendipity. It is going to be moved!! They
have a live web came set up so you can watch.
I am so glad, I really didn't want to see that
beautiful house destroyed.


Meg said...

Wow you have a busy day today! You'll have to tell me about what you find at Joann's.

Farm Girl said...

Okay, I hope I find lots of stuff.
Wool I mean. At least I know what I am looking for. Not just looking to spend money they way I would have in the past. :)