Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seed Catalogs and Spring

One of the things I love and I mean love about January is seed catalogs. I like nothing better to sit in front of the fire with a cup of hot coffee and look through seed catalogs and dream of next years garden. I think that is better than any other thing I ever do. I wish I could divide the land into different kind of gardens. Like one with nothing but flowers. One with vegetables and a field of blueberries and a field of avocados. Not to mention, I would like a bunch more citrus trees. One of the things I love about going out in the cold is that every thing looks like it is a sleep but I know it is just a lull. One thing about living here is we have to start working on New Years day. Since trees start blooming in February we don't have much time to mess around.
Yesterday was the beginning of tree trimming.

I think we have around 80 some-odd trees so it is a big job. The fruit trees will have to be sprayed for bugs. So it is a big job. I am looking forward to having a lot more fruit this year. Last year the trees got really trimmed back so while the fruit was huge, there was not a lot of it. The girls were having babies so we had a different kind of fruit. This year though, I am hoping for a lot so they can make lots of things too.
I do love being able to watch things grow.


Meg said...

Yes! Oh I'm so excited about gardens this year. We finally have a place to grow our own so I know between your yard and our yard we will all have TONS of goodies. I am looking forward to canning things this year to take us through next winter. I am also totally excited about chickens! Weeeeeee!

Farm Girl said...

I think looking foward to chicks is one of the best things that can ever happen, it just sort of makes the winter race by. I am so glad for you too. I am excited about you and Kessie getting to make things to get you through the winter as well. We are going to have so much fun!! Have a good day today.

Kessie said...

I'm totally canning stuff and making jelly this year! I've already priced all the canning supplies I need.

*rubs hands together in glee*

Farm Girl said...

I know, I sit and stare at stacks of canning jars and lids with such fondness every time I go to Smart and Final. It will be so much fun to have help this year and not have to throw anything away. It makes spring look like so much fun!!

Meg said...

Kess - You might be able to find jars at Goodwill much cheaper and then you can just buy the seal tops when you're ready. The jars will be just fine second hand because you have the boil them for sterilization anyways.

Also, I have a pressure cooker/canner if you need it but a lot of things you can just do in a pot big enough to cover your jars.

Susan Holt Simpson said...

Hi! Found your blog while hopping around, and was happy to find a fellow gardener. I have to lament that I don't get ANY seed catalogs any more, and how I miss that! They're so pretty, but I guess I didn't order enough to rate a free yearly catalog! hahahaha Lovely blog - I've enjoyed reading your posts,