Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twenty Things I Love About Summer

1. Eating breakfast on the patio.
2. Going for walks early in the morning.
3. Going outside when it is still cool and walking in the garden.
4. Canning fruit and produce.
5. Watching the sun rise.
6. Watching the sun set.
7. Watching Venus and the moon rise.
8. Cleaning my flowerbeds.
9. Watching my chickens
10. BBQing dinner
11. Having watermelon.
12. Watching bees on sunflowers
13. Staying up late.
14. Drinking coffee, blended.
15. Eating ice cream cones.
16. Watching movies.
17. Going to the theater to watch said movie and being excited like I am six.
18. Cutting flowers and having fresh flowers in the house and on the tables.
19. Going shopping with my daughter, stopping by Jamba Juice and asking for
a secret drink, ( The "Thank you, Jesus") The guy just smiled so sweetly when she asked.
20. Going to the library.
I love summer!


Kessie said...

Oh, such wonderful things on that list.

Really? Jamba has a "Thank You Jesus" drink? What's in it?

Farm Girl said...

It is a lot like a strawberry surf rider but with more sherbet. Emilie loved it. I thought it was so funny, like giving code words.

Meg said...

Cleaning your flowerbeds, really? I like the one about cutting flowers for inside. I need to do that with our lilies. See you this afternoon!

mariel said...

I love summer!! I love all these things...actually I can't think of 20 dislikes for summer!! It really is the best season!!

(love the Jesus drink!! ;) )

Dog Trot Farm said...

Jamba Juice, I have never heard of this. I think I need to leave the farm more often! The only thing I would add to your list, is sippping lemonade under a maple tree watching the world go by. I wish you resided closer, we have so much in common I'm certain we would become great friends!

Anonymous said...

What a super list -- summer to me too is also going to a driver-in movie.

Sue said...

Hi Kim,
Loved all twenty, but the secret drink, I would love to try. I too love summer, and told my self that I wouldn't complain about the heat after having such a bitter cold winter. But I must have had my fingers crossed behind my back, as I have found myself asking dh how long will this heat wave last. LOL.

Truth is, we don't usually have this type of weather for this long until late July or August. The one thing I am happy about is that now the days will be getting shorter. lol
Thank you for your concern, as I have rested today, and I am feeling much better.
Hope your guests have found a new residence to visit. And like you I do have a soft spot, except if I could get my hands on that fox that has been coming around here, he would have had a bad day. lol.
Enjoy your evening.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the infor on Traeger BBQ pellet - lol - our BBQ has lived in the storage for 2 years because we have moved so often into each house we build then sale then do it all over again. But we are in a house we built here and it has not sold yet so we brought out the BBQ -- we are challenging ourselves to grill better teasting foods and not just simple grilling foods like hot dogs etc.. Thanks for dropping by my blog - always look forward to your visit!