June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

When I think of summer, I always think
of the beach. I think summer should smell
of suntan lotion, hot corn dogs, and salty
air from the ocean.
I bet by August I won't be singing this tune.
I will be pining for fall which where I live doesn't
happen until after Thanksgiving.

I think summer should be filled with firefly's glowing
in a jar with holes poked in the lid. When the kids
were younger we went to visit my parents when
the firefly's were out. My husband and me and our
babies were in our travel trailer and my older kids,
were in the house with Grandpa and Grandma, sleeping
in sleeping bags on the floor. Unbeknown to me, my kids
opened the jar with the firefly's in the house.

Later when my Mom got up to check on them she said, there
was little fairy lights blinking off and on in the room where the kids
were sleeping, and the bathtub was full of little glowing lights.

My parents lived really far out in the country, so when we sat outside,
we could see all of the constellations in the night sky. We sat outside,
so late because we could see so many.
Here where I live now, we can't see to many because of of the glare of
the city lights. It is still fun in August, to get out quilts and lay them
out on the grass and watch for shooting stars. The correct name is
the Perseids. I like to make a fire in a old BBQ that I took the legs off
and let it burn down and make smores and then watch for the falling
When you are laying out in the yard with your kids in the dark, staring at
stars, you can really talk deeply. When you are there all together, that
is when God seems so close and I can never understand how it is that
when we look at the sky and the Bible says that the heavens declare the
glory of the Lord, how we cannot fail to see how blessed we are to have
been given the gift of life.

Happy Summer!


  1. Hi Kim,
    Well I am still alive and kicking, though my body barely feels it.
    Happy first day of summer to you, reading this post has brought back many wonderful memories for me.I still like to catch firefly's.
    I sure wish I lived near you, I would love to buy some of that honey when you gather it. You sun flowers look beautiful, we haven't planted ours yet, it has been so hot here. We hit 100 today, and when I read your post of being able to open your windows and have 71 degree temp, and have all that fresh air in. Oh! my that would be such a treat.
    I laughed about the skunk and the cat, it reminded me of a cartoon I used to see, I believe his name was pepi le pue. (something like that) lol .
    Your Friday post really ministered to me, how true it is about your children always being your kids.
    And I totally agree you never get to the place where you are trial free. maybe a lul here and there but for sure, there is one around the bin. I once heard a minister say " you have either just come through a trial, or you are in one right now, if not there is one up ahead." I thought how true. I truly was so blessed by this post, and please keep writing you have such a gift, of expressing your thoughts so clearly.
    Congratulation to you daughter and her husband on their anniversary.I don't know how you survived two weddings so close,lol. A beautiful wedding photo too.
    I also enjoyed reading about your family history, and I agree about the impossible that God does in our life.
    So much to catch-up on tonight, but I had fun reading and meditating on your thoughts. We have been putting in long hours on the porch, and I have been trying to preserve all that I can of our produce,but God is always so faithful in how He pulls everything together for us.
    Again I am so sorry for this long comment, but you are such a blessing to me.

  2. This post Had me saying yeah I did that and this and I loved it when we got the quilts out and lay them on the grass and watch for shooting stars too.


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