Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday. This is what I hear
right now, my son playing the piano, he is playing
the theme from Ducktails. He just finished playing
the theme from Up. He is in his own world playing
just because he loves it. I am thankful for that.
My husband is sitting behind me reading a book.
I am very thankful he is reading a fun book. He has
a very hard job and does hard things all day long,
so I can live the life I do.
My youngest son is upstairs talking to my soon
to be 21 year old son. The sound of their quiet voices
as they discuss something is very nice, so I am thankful
that they are such good friends.
My daughter isn't working tonight so I am thankful I
can lock the doors at bed time and they are all at home.
I am thankful for a picture that is in my mind today.
I was trying to finish my walk before my daughter got
here this morning. I was walking very fast and about
lap seven I see her drive in the driveway.
I am trying to hurry and get at least to lap ten.
As I get close my grand son comes flying out the back gate,
with two egg cartons he is holding in his arms like wings that
he is flapping madly. He is yelling, " Gama, Gama, I am here!"
He runs to me and jumps into my arms and I hold him tight and
kiss him he doesn't mind that I am sweaty, and yucky, he just
loves me as only a three year old can do. I am so, so thankful
I am a grandmother.
My other snap shot is walking out the back gate and seeing my three
girls, my sons and my grandsons, grazing on berries, then walking to
the plum tree and eating plums and then we walked to the apricot tree
and they ate apricots from that tree and I looked down on the ground
under the tree and all of the little kids were sitting and eating
fruit that they had picked and they were eating in the warm
I felt that over whelming goodness of God wash over me when I saw
those pictures today, I will never tell what I was before I met Jesus,
because the old things are gone and new things have come, but let me
tell you, when I look at how I am blessed, I am overwhelmed at the
goodness of God to me.
So I am so very thankful that I did not get what I deserve and only wish
I could honor God more than I do.
So have a very Thankful Thursday!


Dog Trot Farm said...

What a wonderful heartfelt post, you truly are blessed and I am sure your family would not trade you for anything in the world.

Meg said...

I know so many people envy you for what you have and have been blessed with. It's such an awesome thing to be in Gods hands.

Also, those berries were the absolute best berries I have ever had. Fresh off the vine with dust from the field still on them... Oh my goodness it was heaven.

Kessie said...

It was so wonderful to run around in the garden and sample all the fruits of your labor. I think we need to do that every week!

Kessie said...

Oh, also, I forgot to borrow Bleak House. And here I was looking forward to it, too. I suppose I could find it online, but I hate reading books on a screen.

Jacque. said...

I so love reading your posts. Awe-inspiring, for sure. You are truly blessed.

Sue said...

Kim, I am blessed beyond words! No matter what kind of day I have when I visit you I always leave so inspired and blessed. I love reading about you and your relationship with your family and God.
And you are so right, old things are gone and what we have now is a new life in Him. I am so thankful that God has put my sins in the sea of forgetfulness, and that He never reminds me of anything.

What a blessing you are to me.