June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, June 25, 2010

Box O' Plums

This is my first box of plums. I picked them and
I don't know what it is with being on top of a ladder,
in the tree branches but I was really aware of falling.
I have never been the most graceful person around,
and I do fall down all of the time, usually when my husband
is behind me and I step in a dust bath hole.
I was up in the top of the tree and I was by myself, and
it was before anyone upstairs was out of bed, so I
have these conversations in my head, " if you fell
off this ladder and broke something, you could lay
here for hours before anyone would know where you
are, you didn't even leave a note." So after some
conversations going on in my head, I was very
relieved when my grandson came and found me.
Even though I could see puzzlement on his face,
about why his gama was in the top of a tree.

My daughter came earlier in the week and took
plums home and she made jam. She brought me

I will climb trees to pick fruit all the time for jam.
I guess I need a sign, "Will work for Jam."

I picked my zucchini too. I let it get bigger than
I normally do, I guess I wasn't paying attention. I picked some
on Saturday, but the dog thought I picked it for her
and she stole it and ran off and wouldn't let me get it away
from her.

I am going to BBQ this since it is so big. I love
BBQed vegetables.
I hope you have a lovely Friday.


  1. I'd totally make more jam for you, but I don't have any more jars! We have to eat up the first batch so my jars are free again. :-)

  2. When you are going out to pick fruit and will be on the ladder, just slip your cell phone in your pocket. That way if you should ever have a fall you could make a call. But please be very, very careful and don't fall!!

  3. I am so glad you didn't fall Kim, and those plums look delicious, as does the squash. I love BBQ veggies too. You daughter's jam looks great. What a great feeling when we see our daughters, and in my case, daughter following in our foot steps of homemaking and enjoying it too..

    Good luck on the jam making, and watch the ladder. I didn't tell my friends but I did fall last week while working on the porch. I was so blessed that dh was here. Also it was like something caught me , I didn't get hurt, (only slightly.)but my dh said the way it sounded he was surprised that I didn't. lol.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Mmm, your plum jam looks lovely. We have two trees but no ripe plums yet. We went to a u-pick berry farm last week, though, and I made nine batches of olallieberry jam. Yum! There were nine of us picking, I think, and between us we got 70 pounds. Whew! That's a lotta berries! But now we're set for the year :) Love this time of year, with all the good, fresh food. You left a note on my blog, by the way, asking about books. I answered, and would love to hear about books YOU are reading :)

  5. I agree about the cell phone - please do that when ever you are up high on something! It's funny about your dog running off with his share of the vieggies -wink! I love plum jam - plum pudding - plum sauce and plum relish -- yum -- and I don't even have a plum tree! Wink.. Keep safe


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