June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why There Are No Pictures of Bigfoot

This is why, you get scared, you try to do something
fast you get glare. You get a picture of yourself
trying to take a picture out the window.
Last night, my two youngest sons went outside for a
walk, I yelled, as they went out the door, "Watch for skunks!"
About five minutes later, I hear them hit the door full blast,
"Mom come quick, the skunk is on the front porch, get the
I grabbed said camera, but I was so afraid I was going to get sprayed
through the window mind you that I could not get close enough to take the

I finally got this picture as the little varmint was walking
by. Then one of the kids said, " Is that another skunk out in
the yard?" It was and pretty soon we had two on the front
porch. Then one of my sons friends that live on the street
over from us, (You can get to their place through pastures.)
said that his dog got sprayed last night.
It feels like we are under siege. I guess it is time to call a trapper.


  1. It's like zombies, only stinkier! That would freak me out too. Good thing you were inside!

    Did you get your AC fixed/looked at? At least we're having a pretty mild summer!

  2. Two skunks on the front porch! I would be afraid to walk outside. You better call the trapper today for sure :)

  3. That picture of the reflection of the camera flash made me laugh. You know the dial on the top? There's a Nighttime setting on it. You ought to try it when you're shooting in the evening, just to see how it turns out.

    Darn skunks! Sooner or later somebody's going to get sprayed. Definitely call a trapper.

  4. those little stinkers!!! yuck! i do so love your farm life musings, though!! :)

  5. Okay Kim,
    You know your LUCK is soon going to run out, lol with all these visitors at you place, and now on the porch. Just wait the next time they will be bringing their children.I am going to come here for a visit and you will be telling me of you bathing in tomato juice. lol
    I think this is the cutest story, cause I am a long way from the skunk and not getting sprayed.lol
    Wouldn't it be funny if I was to go outside tomorrow and one come out of our woods and sprayed me. Na!!! lol.
    The heat is so bad here, I have finally given in and have come in the house until it passes. The humidity makes it seem even hotter Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter than today. So maybe I can catch up on my blogging. The fact is I am exhausted.
    I have put the special request in my prayer journal and am now praying in earnest. I can certainly relate!! I so treasure you, and think of you so often during day.


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