June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Morning Musings

The sunflowers are coming right along. I love Saturday
mornings. We finally might hit 100 tomorrow. We
have only done that once this year so far. Very strange
for us, I am not complaining mind you, it is just, I bought
tomatoes today. I don't ever buy tomatoes. Being sort of
a tomato snob, I always feel it is beneath me to buy those
things that might have come from a plant.
My bushes are loaded but we need some 100 degree weather
to get some ripe. I can't wait to eat tomatoes at every meal.
Yes, even at breakfast, in home made salsa. I love it on eggs.

I went out this morning and I had a dead chicken. It sort of shocked
me because it wasn't sick. It is one of the ones that hatched last year
from my little hens. It was part Mille Fluer and Silkie. The are rather
unique but really wild and insane. I think she must have fallen off the perch
and broke her neck. There was no sign of unlawful entry and she was
all intact. Like I said she was insane, if I made a mistake of leaving my
chair set up outside the fence, in the morning she would loose her mind
thinking it was a predator. I have ran out there so many times
thinking something was killing her.
I never do good when things die.

This Saturday we will be of course working in the garden. I made some
garden signs and I will post pictures of them when I get them in the ground.
My husband starts his vacation July 1st so the days will be much different.
We are hoping to get away for a bit, between kids jobs and all of the other
things that the poor man puts off all year. I always want him to spend the
time doing only what he wants to do. Since most of the time,
he is taking care of us.
It will be a nice start to July.
I hope your Saturday is a nice one.


  1. Hey Kim. The sunflower photo is so gorgeous! Love sunflowers! So sad about your (insane) chicken.

    ahhhhh, vacation. Hope you all have a great time and that your husband does what he wants to do.

    Have a great day working in your garden!

  2. sorry about your poor chicken...
    i don't think i would handle that very well, either!

    LOVE the GORGEOUS sunflower!! those are my fave and yours are just incredible!

    also, feel free to bless us with your freesh salsa recipes!! i LOVE fresh tomatoes, too and salsa on EVERYTHING! :)

    have a blessed saturday in the garden !

  3. I'm am SO glad dad is finally taking some time off. I know he won't sit still, but at least he gets to relax in his own way.

    Boo about the chicken dieing. At least you won't have to worry about her freaking out anymore... Not that that makes it better.

    I hope you guys have a great Saturday! :D

  4. Better check the coop for black widows. My guinea hen died mysteriously like that, and there was a huge black widow in the corner where she slept.

    I'm also glad that Dad finally gets a chance to rest. The quote comes to mind about "man is so made that he can only rest from his work by doing a different kind of work."

  5. O so sad about the Chicken but I agree about checking for black widows.

    I also want my husband to take a few day for himself during his Vacation too - he love fly fishing -- so hopefully to in July he will be off too!

    You also have a wonderful Saturday!

  6. So sorry about your chicken. My hen dropped 4 of the eggs she was sitting on and it made me so sad... Have a great weekend. :O)

  7. Oh Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your sweet, but insane little girl. I have read blogs where gals have discovered a favorite chicken dead for no appparent reason and thus performed their own autopsises! This I could not do, it was all I could do to bury my dear Georgia. Wishing you and your family a wonderful vacation!

  8. your sunflowers are gorgeous. i'm sure
    your tomatoes will be wonderful, too.

  9. Hi Kim,Sorry to hear about your chicken, there is always such a feeling of loss when something like this happens, especially with us mother hens.
    Hope your husband gets to enjoy his time off.
    Hope you had great success with those plums too.
    We have been out working on the porch today, and it is still very hot.
    I like tomatoes with eggs too, and we got our first ones yesterday. We have been racing to get them before the guineas . lol
    Enjoy you Sunday.


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